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5 Tips to Change your Life

“While we wait for life, life passes” (Seneca)

The death, at 41, of a person dear to me has already made me write about the futility of life and the need to never take it for granted.
Life is ours, and we got only one: we should never forget it!

Here are 5 tips to take your life in your hands again and live it fully:


If you no longer have control of your life it means that you are living a life not yours, that you are living the life of another person, a life that someone else has chosen for you. First of all, you have to find yourself, who you really are and what you want. Take time for yourself and yourself only, away from everything and everyone, away from any external influence. Listen to yourself, talk to yourself, analyze introspectively yourself and try to feel and understand what you really want. On the other hand: what is the point in wanting to change your life if you don’t know what other life you want?


Now you know who you are and what you want. Good: walk your own way, respect yourself, never question yourself, but do what you want and have chosen to do. Don’t live according to others, not even the most intimate and dear ones: first try to be well, then you can think about making others feel good. Be selfish, you are important and unique. How is your life.


If you have not been living your life for long time, you’re probably down, demoralized, discouraged. But now you know what you want and you’re sure you want to follo your own way. Good: start from the bottom, start from the little things, starts to change things around you starting from the easiest ones. Do what makes you feel good, make time for it every day. And start to eliminate the waste, the negative things that hinder you. Starting from the bottom, one step after another towards the top. You need to regain confidence in yourself. You need to slowly regain control and serenity.


In small steps you are regaining confidence and serenity. Little by little, things around you are changing. It’s time to be bold, it’s time to have the courage to make important choices. Be brave! That you are stronger than you think! Want to change your life, do it! Or do you want to keep letting it slip on you? You have only this life, or you live it as you want it or you waste it away: what do you have to lose?


You made an important choice, you made a change in your life: enjoy it! It won’t be easy, I won’t tell you that there will be no problems or difficulties. But believe me: nothing is more beautiful than building your life with your own hands and nothing can stop you from doing it. Because living your life brings you higher lust for life, it gives you power and energy, strength and courage to do everything. And to fully live your time. Finally.

Arise! Above everything else!

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