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A “Common” Day in Sweden

One of the reasons why in 2010 I decided to move to Sweden from Denmark, it was certainly the need and desire to discover a wild and boundless Nature.

Tired of Copenhagen and its nightlife, and tired of the monotony of the Danish landscape, I chose to have the opportunity to live where I can get in the car and drive endlessly through an immaculate nature, even if just a few kilometres from towns and villages.
And after almost 10 years I still haven’t gotten used to the endless surprises that the Swedish territory can give, both in terms of landscape, especially for the coast, the endless forests and the lakes district, and for the variety of wildlife that can be encountered.

Today I want to show you what is a “normal” day spent in the Swedish Nature, and these are just some of the animals(many others were either too far away or too fast to be photographed) that I saw the other day before and after my encounter with the sea eagle!

I still have a lot to discover about this vast country (I have never been to the north of Stockholm yet, for example, thus covering only a small part of the entire territory), and the thing that makes me even happier is that it always succeeds to surprise me and give me fantastic experiences.

If you love Nature and are passionate about wildlife, I can only recommend Sweden as your next holidays destination.
You will not regret it!

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