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"If I was what I always could have been,

if I become what I might have been"


"Inerro" in Latin means wandering, ramble. reflects my all-life idea, my deeper belief.

Because I think we were not born to be only in one place:
every place can be ours, every place can be our-own "land" where to go, to wander or to settle down.

Because I believe we were not conceived to live a life by always doing the same and usual things,
perhaps wasting valuable time by doing a job that we do not like or we even hate.

We were born and conceived to move, to go, to explore.
Look around, make new experiences, stand trial, face the unknown.
To grow, to mature, to live fully.

We are born to seek, find and do what makes us happy.
And this is my wandering, my project and my dream.

Manuel Chiacchiararelli