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And Then?

We spend time trying to kill the time, this is the point.
After the years and all those stages imposed by the society and the family, we find ourselves in our 20s or 30s, already addicted and swallowed by the working life. We take our first responsibilities, our duties as a good citizen, and we find ourselves almost unconscious, tied up and involved with the system, the community, and the institutions around us (the same things we might have tried to fight or to evade just a few years before …).
To work to earn the money to pay bills and mortgages, to survive, and to spare to please ourselves with something and fill up the free time.
Yeah, because — at the end — we work and then we spend the spare time in things which keep us busy while waiting for something else, whether it's the weekend, holidays or retirement.
And time runs fast while we are lost in a multitude of things that become just one and so easy to forget: days, weeks, months and years are so equal and flat to confuse them in one, when only a few moments jump to our memory when we find the time to look back. What did I do last year? And the November of two years ago? And in 2005?
We get lost in distractions and makeshifts just to feel alive, while — perhaps — we are just robots who have to do their jobs.
And then our hobbies, our trainings, our friends, the weekends out, the holidays, the tv shows, internet, socials, books (and whatever else) what are they really?
Maybe just something that keeps us busy so we don't have time to think that maybe we're just wasting our time?
We live constantly waiting for something, letting the time slide on us.
We spend time trying to kill the time, this is the point.
And then?

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