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Beyond Any Limit

Exactly one year ago I begun to face my biggest adventure: Wandering Italia.
After exactly one year, I now realise how it has changed me, deeply, and not just because of the fabulous memories I had from it, for all the wonderful people I met and the fantastic places I’ve crossed and enjoyed. No, Wandering Italia changed me inside, it definitely made me stronger, it increased my self-esteem and made me more mature.
Because the adventure that I faced put me to the test, every day raising the bar of my abilities a little bit more. The endless loneliness, hours and hours, day after day walking completely alone with my thoughts, they made me discover a lot about myself, thoroughly, perhaps showing me the truest inner me as I had never seen it before. The difficulties encountered, then, have shown me my limits: some, undoubtedly many more than I imagined, I have overcome; others have shown me where I can arrive now, but not that I cannot overcome them in the future.

But Wandering Italia has, above all, shown me that so many limits, which I believed to be absolute, were nothing more than lies, opinions, beliefs that were not based on anything actually real. Because often, the limits are nothing more than what others would have us believe, those that society imposes on us.
But each of us has different, personal limits, and only by facing them we can discover what they really are, and only by facing them can we realise that, many times, the limits are beyond what we thought.
Because we can do much more than what we believe!

Have you ever noticed how in difficult situations, when we have no other choices, we can do things previously unthinkable? Have you ever noticed how only facing the fear can we find the most true courage, how do we bring out all our strength when facing the pain?
Why wait for that moment to get to know what we can do, how much are we really worth?

Here then is why Wandering Italia becomes very important, to me and for my growth as a person, not only for the memories I wrote about before, but because it made me different, it has now given me a confidence in myself, a strength, which I didn’t have it before. And it is not a reasoned change, but it is inherent in me, in the person I have become.
And, to date, my fears are much less, my limits are different but not insurmountable. And with greater confidence, I feel I can face anything!
Because, facing my fears and my limitations, I am now closer to really know who I am and what I can do…

Do not be afraid to get involved, do not be afraid to lose, to discover that you cannot do something, because to lose means that, at least, you have tried.
Don’t be afraid to make an important choice, don’t wait until better times, don’t wait for the moment when you have no other choice
Face your fears and limitations openly: Get in the game, explore yourself, live!

Perhaps you will discover that you are worth much more than you believed.
And maybe you will understand that you can dare and get much more out of your life…

And you, have you ever been beyond your limits?

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