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Change Normality

“What everybody echoes or in silence passes by as true today may turn out to be falsehood tomorrow”
(Henry David Thoreau)

When I decided to change my life first, and then face Wandering Italia, I decided to stay away as much as possible from the people who could have hindered me, slowed me down and demoralised me.
I knew that many, perhaps the most, would not have understood my “ not normal” choices and would have questioned, fought and opposed them.

But who has decided what is normal and what is not?
Simple: the society in which we live has always decided for us the path to follow and therefore the terms of normality and abnormality.
And always, those who have decided to take a new path are considered as outsiders, on the margins of society itself. And usually those who live on the margins, those who are different, those who do not follow the common path, are scary!

That’s why friends and relatives, the ones I decided not to listen to, went against my decisions: because they had fear!

Fear of questioning the normal life and the normal values.
Fear of having to accept that maybe there is a different path outside the common one.
Fear of being able to admit that there is a different life outside the normali one.
Fear of any change that goes beyond the comfort zone in which they have decided to live.

But the world is changing, many people are undertaking or planning to take paths other than those considered normal until now.
If you want to change, if you want to find your way, surround yourself with those people!

And together, we can make what is now frightening become normal: living our life, chasing our dreams, being free to do what we love!

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