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Charming Warsaw

Probably you already figured out I’m not a great enthusiast of cities, I truly love Nature most, but I can not deny I fell in love in Warsaw.

I’ve been there a lot in the past 4 years, almost twice at year, and I had the possibility to visit it in every season and weather condition, in the summer heat as in the Siberian cold of last winter.
Warsaw is an amazing city, clean, well organised and still developing. But there is a place in particular that I love and where I always come back: the old town.

Last August we decided to enjoy it even more, first having a drink in Rynek Starego Miasta square, heart of the old town, then crossing the Castle Square admiring the column of Sigismund III Vasa, and finally enjoying a nice dinner outside in one of the many restaurants close-by. 
There was something magical in the air that evening: Warsaw is a charming town, always, but that day she decided to dress up in some of the most astonishing colours of an amzing sunset.

If you planned to visit this city, highly recommended, I suggest to go during the period between late Spring and early Autumn, even if in Christmas time there will be all the amazing lights to put a spell on you.
For sure you will have a walk between the colourful houses of the old town: be aware, you could fall in love…

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