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Close Encounters

Standing still for a long time, hided in the deep of the forest lurking for the white tailed eagles, which in the meantime were circling just above the branches of the trees over me, I decided to go out "in the open" and sit on a closer observation tower for a while.

Shortly after, right from the forest where I was, a female roe deer comes out to eat fresh grass in the wide field in front of us.
She turns around, looks up but seems not to have noticed me, completely covered by my camouflage. I take the reflex, I have plenty of time to change the settings, focus, look for the best framing, composition, and then shoot.

After some pictures I decide to put away the equipment and just enjoy the moment: the roe deer is about fifty meters from me, no more, and it is a real pleasure to admire it this way, naturally, because she hasn’t still noticed me.

It's a good feeling, I really feel part of the Nature that lives and moves around, at its own pace for once completely undisturbed by any foreign presence.
I smile, I meditate, I pray in my own way and I’m feeling blessed to enjoy these wonders once again.

I don't know how much time I spent like this, shortly after my photographer instinct takes over and I try to get closer. I take a few steps, of course she notices it, stops grazing, looks at me curiously and then, strangely without running away, returns slowly and quietly to find shelter into the forest.

Shortly afterwards I’m leaning against a tree, camouflaged, waiting for any other gift Mother Nature has “in mind” for me.

In the blessing of this encounter I also had the luck of having a photographer friend of mine who, from about a hundred meters, was able to capture the scene.

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