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Do it with your Heart!

After “just” 1550 km (of the 3500 planned), after only 52 days instead of 120, after 50000 m of altitude difference, exactly one year ago I ended up my biggest adventure: Wandering Italia.
To remember it, I chose this photo of Lake Chiaretto that, on the last day coming down from Monviso, it showed itself in the shape of a heart, a turquoise jewel set in a dream landscape.
I still remember the emotions I felt when I saw it, my happiness for a journey that was about to end, even if I didn’t know it, but it showed me the meaning of all, filling me inside.
The heart: the one I left along the way, the one that changed during my journey and, after a year I know, made me a different man

Am I a happy man?
I don’t know, happiness is a peak, sometimes it’s difficult to reach it, and anyway it last only a moment, too short to become a state of living.
Am I a serene man?
Definitely yes, life has since then a different flavour, I no longer have the melancholy of the time spent nor the one to come, but I serenely live the present.
Am I a stronger man?
Undoubtedly, deep down. And not for what I did physically, for the difficulties and struggles I faced, but for the simple reason that I now know myself better, thoroughly, and I no longer have to prove anything to anyone except myself.

That is why, one year later, I continue to celebrate that undertaking, despite its premature interruption, and I continue to try to advise all those who are unhappy about their lives, to test themselves, to question themselves, to test their limits.

You don’t have to do a journey like that, you don’t have to take and leave, you don’t have to make a drastic choice!
But try, every day, not to let it pass unnecessarily, but to live it completely.

Try every day to spend time with yourself, to listen to your deepest needs.
Try to overcome your fears every day, even a small one.

Pick up that phone and make that phone call!
Take courage and speak openly in public!
Jump into the water and learn to swim, sign up for a course and learn to dance!
Go to the boss and make the situation clear!
Go to a friend and hug him to console him without feeling stupid!
Apologise by putting pride aside!
Assert yourself if you are right!
Declare yourself to the person you love in secret!
Live life, every day!

Do everything you fear, little by little you will end up overcoming limits that seemed insurmountable!
And if something goes wrong, at least you have tried
And you will feel lighter.

And only when you are really light can you fly high.
That on the ground life remains unchanged …

Do it with your heart!

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