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If everyone had at least a little, it would be a better world.

A few days ago, while accompanying a guest on one of my tours, we found this little bat caught in a nylon string hanging from a tree.
It was early afternoon, it was probably in those conditions from the previous night and, neither I nor the guest, we felt like leaving it that way.
Pulled down from the tree, frightened and struggling for life, it ended up getting more entangled and making the situation worse. We unfortunately had nothing sharp with us to untie all those tight knots, but we stopped a car and, with the help of the driver and his scissors, after 30-40 minutes of patient struggle (being careful also of our bites little friend) we managed to let it free.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I want your praises?

No, that is not my purpose, my "advantage" I already had in seeing that bat run away quickly hovering in the air. That was the most important thing, what mattered to me.

I tell you this because I think we need good news, we need to spread stories with a happy ending: in short, we need to reawaken the empathy that is within us.

I’m probably utopic, but I do not believe that most of the people are neither bad nor indifferent. I believe instead that the society in which we live leads us to be like that, it lead us to harden, to be aware, to be afraid.
Just look at the news and the series of tragedies, crimes and wars that they tell us every day: how would it be possible to think that we live in a world where good still exists?

Yet the good exists, there is still there, perhaps hidden in the depths of many forced to defend themselves from life and fear, but there is still good in and around us.
That's why I prefer not to watch or read the news. That's why I don't want to know about tragedies, crimes and wars. That's why I need, instead, to read positive news, happy ending stories.

Because I need to feel emotional and empathic.
Because I need to feel good.
Because I need to believe that good still exists.
Because I need to believe that there is not only violence, malice, mistrust and fear.
Because I believe that we need to reawaken the empathy that we have within us and go back to doing good. And perhaps create a chain reaction.
Because the world we live in really needs it...

We don't need big sensational gestures, we don't need to become heroes: no, we can do small things, small gestures in our daily lives, which represent so much for those who receive them.

Sometimes a smile is enough, a word of comfort, a hug.
Sometimes a small courtesy is enough, to keep the door open to someone, let someone pass in front of us at the supermarket queue, help an elderly person to carry the shopping bags, stop and remove a dangerous object from the roadway.
Sometimes it is enough to look around with different, empathic eyes, and discover that we can do something good.
And, in our small way, make the world better.

It is the world in which we must live anyway…
So? Do we want to continue to see around only evil and misfortune or do we want to see and spread something good?

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