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Eurasian Eagle-owl

Through other photographers I got to know about the permanent presence of the Eurasian eagle-owl (bubo bubo) in a place a few minutes drive from Malmö. Since I have never seen any kind of owl in Nature, I could not miss this opportunityand so last week I went to watch it.

I went for a first time to make an inspection, the sky was grey and the light didn’t recommend taking pictures. That day the owl was alone.
I came back a couple of days later and to my great surprise there were two juveniles! The mother, I guess, was not there, so I tried to wait for maybe being able to catch her in flight, but the cold wind and a rain shower let me desist.

The day after, thanks to a beautiful sunny day, I returned determined to capture this little family.
Unfortunately they decided to settle among the rocks of a quarry and the only observation point is on the opposite side, about 200 m or more faraway, and it is not possible to get closer. Moreover, the wind certainly did not facilitate the stability of the tripod and the lens, making it impossible to get sharp pictures.

But I witnessed the scene of their meal, a crow that the mother caught and split between her two little ones (if you look carefully you can see the blood stains around her beak).
I enjoyed the scene through the lens and, even though the photos are not the best, they still captured a special event that I wanted to share with you.
The mother continued to look around and sometimes our eyes crossed. Needless to say, his orange eyes are mesmerising…

As soon as there will be better weather conditions, I will come back to try to get better photos.

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