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Face the Storm!

Yesterday I was surprised by a thunderstorm, so strong and sudden that I had to pull over.
I stopped in the car, turned off the radio, and enjoyed the sound of the rain jumping on the cockpit, the heavy showers driven by the wind, the echo of thunders.
Then, as quickly as it had arrived, it passed by, the rain diminished until it suddenly stopped, while a ray of sunshine already broke the darkness.

I got out of the car, the strong smell of wet earth all around me while the storm still raged just a few hundred meters from me.
I turned and half a rainbow already painted the dark sky filling it with vibrant colours.
And it made me smile…

As I returned home at night, I found myself thinking:

How many storms does each of us face in our lives?
How many bad times suddenly strike us? And how many of them were we waiting for?
And again: how many of these have passed quickly, almost without bothering us, while others seemed to last forever?

As in the cycle of Nature the earth needs thunderstorms, so in the cycle of our live we also need bad times.
We just have to know how to face them, being bold. Because they strengthen us, because they wash and perhaps purify us. Because they reinforce us.
It is enough to know how to deal with them, it is enough to know that it can never rain forever.

And it is enough to believe that in the end the brightness will come back in our life and with it maybe something wonderful.
Just like a rainbow.

And yes, we’ll come back to smile…

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