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Although I’ve always been in love with Nature, I must admit that the passion for birdlife, and birds of prey in particular, is quite recent.
The other day, while I was sitting outside in the city, I saw a hawk fly over me; it often happens that I see kites or buzzards flying above the center of Malmö; now I drive and from the cockpit I can easily spot the birds all around me.

What has changed? – I wonder – It wasn’t like that before, before I didn’t see so many …

Simple, I’ve changed.
It has changed that before I paid no attention to it, they were not as important as they are now. Not that before there were none or they were less (I wonder how many times they were right in front of or above me without my being aware of it), I simply didn’t notice them.

Where do I want to go with this?
Well, I thought about one thing:

Often we are so caught up in a thousand other things that we do not realise what is around us.
Often we are so focused on a thousand other things that we have no room for anything else.
Often we are so accustomed to something that we do not realise that there can be another, even in the small world around us.

But there is also another thing that I thought about, which is that we can change, we can open your eyes and discover new things.
And we can try to focus our attention elsewhere, where we are most interested, and little by little we can see things we didn’t see before.

The fact that we do not see something now doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist!
So: let’s focus on what we want, let’s search around us, inside us.
Let’s imagine it, let’s dream about it, let’s wish it.
Let’s really really want it!

And slowly we will find out that there are many traces around us, where we first looked without being able to see.

We decide what we want and we will find it.
Whatever it is, it exists and we will find it.

Do we want to change our life? It’s possible, a new life it’s out there somewhere!
Do we want a better job? It’s possible, a better job it’s out there somewhere!
Do we want our dream to come true? It’s possible, the way of doing it it’s out there somewhere!

It’s all a question of focusing right…

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