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Getting Lost

Leaving, traveling…getting lost!
Between unknown roads
And already caressed thoughts…

I've always been a wanderer, an adventurer in exploring and finding always new places: just let’s go, I’ll decide where later on…
When I was three, some old ladies found me walking in the middle of the village where we were spending the holidays; at the time of elementary and middle school, when we were spending Sundays with families outside the city, I always forced my friends to stop playing football to go hiking in the woods or surrounding hills instead.
The bicycle first, and the scooter after were the first way to push me further and further away. Then the car…

Although I love to walk, and I often feel the urge to immerse myself in the silence of nature, preferably alone, getting in the car and starting driving without a fixed destination has always been a necessity, a need I have to get rid of everything and everyone ... letting myself go…
Three, four, five hundred kilometres, who cares?

By myself, only with my thoughts, without any hurry and with no fixed directions: every swerve reveals new scenarios and the surprise (especially here in Sweden) to find myself in remote and wild places, highlights moments and indefinite points on my wanderlust.
Music as a faithful traveling companion and soundtrack of the day: sometimes I choose the songs to resuscitate old emotions, ancient thoughts and remote questions of the times gone by; sometimes I play it randomly, to irretrievably bind that day and those places to new important memories.

I call it "getting lost," though if just a few miles away from a road that can quickly bring me home and to the reality.
Getting lost as an adventure, getting lost to be alone and find myself.
Getting lost to discover new places and talk with the thoughts of my endless yesterdays.

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