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Glowing Yellow

Between the end of the winter when the vegetation is still bare and before the sparkling green covers everything again, there is another sudden color that breaks the monotony of the Swedish landscape: they are the rapeseed fields (Brassica Napus) , endless and fragrant expanses of a bright yellow.

Rapeseed is grown mainly for the production of vegetable food oil and fuel used in biodiesel, but also as animal fodderand for honey production.

The contrast that these flowering meadows create when they shine against a clear blue sky, or when they fight the darkness of an incoming thunderstorm, is certainly a source of inspiration to take some photos, even if it is difficult to plan the composition in advance, as for example it’s possible in other landscape photography.
After a few years, I noticed that the rapeseed is never grown on the same land for two years in a row, but in cycles of 4 or 5, evidently not to impoverish the land itself.

So if one lose the chance of being able to take the shot that one hope or have imagined, all that remains is to wait.
Or get lost in these colourful landscapes and rely on luck.

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