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Grown Up in Lies

We grew up in a world that told us so many, maybe too many lies.
I'm talking about my generation.
I was born in the mid-70s, but I cannot remember them. Instead I remember the 80s as a very happy and wealthy period, growing in a rich and joyful Italy, when everyone could easily achieve their goals and still have so much fun.
Am I wrong or it was a really good decade?
Most of the people then could take a month's vacation in the summer, then a week in winter; and it was normal. The restaurants were always full and people went out to eat often, even more than once a week; people bought the first and second home without too much trouble; the city expanded to a hectic pace, agglomerating neighboring small towns and countrysides. The stadiums were full, the bars too, as the cinemas, theaters, clubs and so on. Each family had at least two cars or even one for each person who was able to drive.
Of course all these memories end up to lead me in the 90's, when I was older enough to understand and enjoy what I consider the last period of well-being.

Yeah, because then, from year 2000 and on, something has changed and my generation had to clash with a very different reality than that in which we grew up.
The Euro before, then the economic crisis of 2008 and then the present one (2012) have redesigned a world completely different from what we had imagined and expected as granted.
Above all, we found ourselves lost because our benchmarks have been changed and redesigned or even deleted.
Where are the permanent jobs, the convenient mortgages to pay, the money for the holidays or to buy a new car?
Where is the feeling of security about the future? And the profitable investments? Where is the value of money and the life-cost proportionate to what we perceive?
Of course, we do not live in a state of absolute poverty, (not yet, at least): money are still there and there is still someone who can easily spend them, but the period of the economic boom and of well-being for everybody, is over.

Maybe it will come back and then we will only be the unlucky generation, the one between two eras, with dreams and realities other than those that will be normal for generations to come.
Or maybe it will not come back at all, as many think, because all the money we spent until the 90's were not, at the end, our money, it was an illusory and dummy wealth. And now we have to pay the bill, and it's up to us ...
And my generation, albeit indirectly, has to deal with it…

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