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Her Majesty

Lately I have seen on socials many photos of crocus flowering on the Campo Imperatore plateau.
I am temporarily in Rome, but I do not know if I will be able to make a return to one of the places of Wandering Italy, also because the weather forecasts for the next few days are not so good.

Then I gladly share the photos I took last year, during my solo crossing: it was May 20, 2018, for the first time I reached over 2000 m height by climbing over Mount Scindarella to arrive, after a long crossing from Rocca Calascio, at Campo Imperatore.
There was still a lot of snow, but also the first signs of a spring that, a year ago, began much later after a long and snowy winter.
I arrived panting on this natural terrace and found myself in front of a breathtaking spectacle: an endless field of purple, pink and blue crocuses among the first timid stems of fresh grass; the patches of snow on the still yellowed and flat grass; and behind it, his majesty the Gran Sasso in front of which all that remains is to bow …

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