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How do you Spend your Time?

Probably many of you have read the story of the capital of 86400 euros that the bank credits every day to your account; if you haven’t, you can find it here.
I thought about the value of time and this story by reading an interesting article by Andrea , unfortunately in Italian, that I thank for giving me the opportunity to write this article.

Time: the unique and precious value we have, which belongs to each of us from the moment of birth to the moment of death.
And despite the fact that we continue to live in the paradoxical conviction that we have infinite time, we cannot know for sure how much is left for us.
We live automatically throughout life, not caring about time and how to fill it, how to enhance it.
We believe we will live forever, we believe we will get old enough to have time to fill as we would like; and so we leave our most precious gift slip away, allowing others to manage it as they wish, to fill it with what they decide.

Would you leave someone else to decide about your entire possessions?
Would you leave it to others to manage your family?
Would you leave someone else to choose about your children’s lives?

Obviously not!
So why do you let others manage your time?

In today’s society it is normal to give away our time and in huge quantities: the school first, then the university, if you are old like me there was once also a year of military service which helped stealing the first 20-25 years of life ; and then the job that is not just the 40 hours a week one spends on the spot, but it must also be included the time it takes to commute, and then all the worries, the nervous and the stress that ends up filling up even the free time.

Is it Sunday and are you thinking about work? You’re working and giving away your time!
Do you have nightmares at night about work? You’re working and giving away your time!
After work, you don’t feel the energy to do anything else? You’re working and giving away your time!
Has work led you to live far away from your relatives and friends in a place you don’t love? You’re working and giving away your time!

If I told you that you have a week left to live, a month, a year or a decade, would you continue to live the same way?
Would you continue to do the job you hate and which gives neither stimulation nor satisfaction?
Would you continue to “make sacrifices” in anticipation of being able to enjoy your retirement time?
And if you don’t get there?
And if when you get there you have to spend your time between hospitals and pharmacies?
Was it really worth it?

Time is ours, ours alone, and it is not infinite or granted.

Let’s fill it as much as possible with what we like, with what stimulates us to grow, to improve, to know and understand who we really are.
Let’s fill it with the lust for life, the will to live it intensely and not let it slip away.

That our life is not granted, and there is not another one waiting for us…

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