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Joining Nature

I had already mentioned how patience often repays the hours spent waiting.
But, apart from the final prize, which in my case was seeing the sea eagle again, there is another magical thing that happens when you remain, still and in silence, in Nature: you completely become part of the surrounding.
Besides realising what is going on around, starting to know better the behaviours of the birds and understanding from them when a danger comes or when something is about to happen, there is also the fact that the animals stop caring about you and you are no longer stranger but you are there, at that moment, part of Nature.
And so, a few days ago, just a few meters from the car, two male pheasants fought over one female: to win was the one who came later, emerging suddenly from the thick of the grass and, pecking on the poor female’s head , he conquered her, leaving the other not too happy

I have not seen the eagle, that day, but I have learned and experienced something new: another gift from Mother Nature, this time as from inside…

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