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Lavish and Gallant...

but you can show it off!

I have already told about the spirits of the forest, those white fallow deer that populate the forests of Scania making them even more fairytale and mysterious.

As a photographer, you know, being able to see and admire them is not enough, but always want to try to capture the main subject in the best possible way.
A couple of days ago, I returned to the places where I know that these beauties live stationary and in a high number and, trying my new camouflage suit, I had the chance to get closer without being seen, to come out, to look into the eyes for some moments and be able to steal this shot.

A few seconds in which, however, he seems to have struck the pose showing his beauty,
Proud, noble, haughty ... but I think he can!

(shortly after I spotted another group of fallow deer, 2 white adults, a "normal" adult and a young white one, so more photos will follow. But this, for the moment, is one of those I have been pursuing for some time)

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