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Life May Be Always the Same, But We Can Change The Way to Look at It

Lately I’ve been taking some time for myself, to remake order and change my life, or at least the vision of it: I wrote new pages of the instruction to my book and I reviewed and completed already written parts.
I believe everyone can develop and find his own way to change his life, to get what one wants, to get the most out of it, so I stopped writing the blog and started instead to dedicate more time to write and find what I really want, what I could do to get out of a situation of dissatisfaction.

Because that flame I was talking about in a previous post should be nourished, and we should always protect it if we don’t want to let it die.
And so I began to re-use the strength of positive thoughts, to develop a new theory and to put it into practice.
I started to write about all those things I should be grateful for, about how much this life already gave me and how much is still waiting for me.
I started to write what I could accomplish, what I could achieve.
I started to change my mood, tuning it to a different wavelength, giving positive vibrations to what surrounds me and so to my life.
I started to spend more time to begin eliminating the convictions with which I grew up, the limitations imposed by my own mind, based on rumours, advice and laws, I learned over the years until they became those rooted certainties that are so difficult to change.
I even began to write short stories, maybe just a few lines, imagining in the clearest possible way little great things that could happen in my life.

And many of these have already happened…

Life is always the same, but we change the vision of it and, above all, we change our bent towards it.
My life, I mean the life of the work and the timeline to be respected, the obligations and routine, have not changed, but now I can find small miracles, small big signs and clues everyday, that make me feel I’m walking the right way, the one right for me.

So much has happened since the end of September when I decided to work on myself.
So many things have happened already, many others still to come and I’m moving towards them with the serenity and security they will happen.
I’m simply expecting great things from my life, from every second and every situation and I know they are coming to me: always, continuously and increasingly.

And returning to being in love with life is such a great feeling, a sensation and emotion which makes possible to attract even more positivity, small great gifts and small great miracles.

Two weeks ago I was back on the road, in one of my endless car rides.
I had woken up with the sureness that it would be a great day.
The road was clear, the sun shone high, around me the beautiful nature to discover and enjoy.
The music was right for the moment, my instinct led me finding new fantastic places. Everything was connected to make a beautiful memory out of that day.

I take a detour and find myself at a lake.
I'm alone, just silence around me, as the sun sets flat and colours the calm and firm water. It's cold but it does not matter, I walk and look for the best places to capture the moment, with my camera and, by my eyes, with my soul.
I get back in the car and drive slowly on deserted forest roads. The sun that has already gone far fades the sky on one side, half moon shining on the opposite side completes the painting.
The iPod plays 4 perfect songs for the moment, to exalt and complete my mood.
Two deer emerge suddenly from the forest, cross the road, stop and look at me.
And I feel chills inside, a feeling of happiness and fulfilment I haven’t feel for so long.
I get emotional, feel thrills of warm and cold, I feel something that is difficult to explain.
I park on a side and turn off the engine.
Tears fill my eyes, and finally they break the dams...
Everything is perfect: I'm happy and I’m enjoying this moment.
Yes, that "moment" has come.
That moment when one finally feels that everything is in the right place and at the right time, despite the difficulties, because one knows that one will overcome them, despite the routine because it’s not what is important.
That moment, and are only few of them in a lifetime, when, just for an instant, one understands the meaning of the journey and find answers to previous questions.
And, sure, one knows and feels that the trip from here will be just as wonderful.

Because life is maybe always the same, but it can change the way to look at it.
And make it special, and make it a masterpiece.

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