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Live Every Moment!

Because I arrived crying while everyone laughed
May I go away laughing while the others cry …

It shouldn’t happen, but it happens.
An unexpected phone call, at a strange time, and you already know that it will be bad news. You feel it.

In those moments before answering, you think of your loved ones, of your almost centennial grandmother for whom you know that sooner or later that call will come. Or maybe they are just acquaintances, family friends who are gradually disappearing and for whom you start to get used to it.
It’s normal when you’re older, right?
Yet you never get used to it when to leave is who should not, not at that age.

It shouldn’t happen, but it happens.
It happened to N, it happened to F, to M, to A and others.
Traffic accidents, heart attacks, strokes, drugs, suicide, tragedy in the mountains.
And how many other ways to go are there? How many others will there be?
The fact is that it can happen to leave at 40 or even earlier… but it happens.
So what’s the point?

It shouldn’t happen, but it happens.
It happened to them, it can happen to us too. Every day, every moment.
And they maybe left to remind us of it, because we forget too often.
That life is never taken for granted, that is not sure we will get older.
That is not guaranteed we will have another day…

It shouldn’t happen, but it happens.
But if it really has to happen, then, let’s make sure we get to know that we have lived our lives, our every moment.
That we don’t have all the time we want.
That if we don’t do what makes us feel good today, now, we can’t say that we can do it tomorrow.

Because it shouldn’t happen, but it happens.
And when it happens, suddenly, there is not another possibility left.
Because when it happens, we can’t go back to living like we wanted…

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