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Living a (winter) Fairy-tale


We decide to leave Malmö, by car, and go for a walk in Nature. Just outside town little snow begins to fall. Lara falls asleep almost immediately: she skipped the morning nap and she is particularly tired.
We decided to just drive around than, to let her sleep; furthermore, the snowfall is increasing while getting more and more far from the coast. So we drive around, we get lost in small side roads, getting deep in a landscape that slowly begins to dress itself in white: first it’s just a veil, which delicate begins to cover those dull winter colours; then it increases, grows, embraces and holds everything in its innocent and candid grip.

And everything changes.

It starts to get dark, and Lara is still sleeping. Patty decides to wake her up, to stop the car wherever possible to go for a walk in the snow.
And so we do: we park, we prepare ourselves: I take my photographic equipment, Patty takes Lara in her pouch, face forward to make sure she can see everything around. She wakes up and smiles already, opens her eyes, looks around a bit confused, maybe, but still curious.
Snow falls slow, dense and firm, kidnapping her eyes, already full of light, of joy, of wonder.
Blissful innocence…

We walk a little, slowly, to enjoy and to show her every single detail.
She is euphoric, smiling, moving frenetically her legs and arms to show her happiness and excitement.
We go deep in to the forest, we feel we live in a fairy tale: while the snow falls, while the silence absorbs everything and hide us from the world, now only a distant memory.
Some deer are looking for food in the deep of the forest, heedless of us. On the way back, eight boars cross the road, I hope Lara was able to see them.

Coming back to the car.
The three of us, deeply happy, all that really matters to us.
I could live here, in this place, now, making our home out of this important moment.

The forest.

We live in a fairy tale, we spell ourselves and our daughter.

To be kids again
To help her growing.
To live everything.
To live better.
To never stop dreaming...

It was snowing, so I didn't take so many pictures...the truth is I was not thinking about it, I was enjoying the moment....

Camera: Nikon D3200
Lens: Tokina 11-16/f2.8

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