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Loads of Deer… and Something More!

Autumn on the doorstep has made the air electrifying, not only because the skies are more and more busy (the migration to the south has begun), but also because it seems that all the animals are busy trying to snatch the last precious moments of the summer.
So many things happen, every day, to be overloaded with memories, emotions and, in the end, hundreds of photos to work on.
But I can’t resist to go back to Nature everyday, day after day…

Last week, for example, I went back to find the deer, this time finding a group of about 60-70 specimens lying around in the sunlight.
And a fox was wandering among them.

Shortly after I saw two fallow deer and a hare, a heron and a crow and, finally, just in front of the car passed by an osprey with two fish in its claws, an exceptional situation that made me suffer, and not a little, to try to snatch at least a decent photo …

Not to mention the eagles and other birds of prey seen during the day, as well as my first red-backed shrike!

And the surprises are not over, you just have to be patient and wait for them while I’m working on the photos.
But be sure, I will not disappoint you … as it never disappoints me every time, every day, that I go back to embrace the Swedish Nature!

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