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New Horizons

I’ve just arrived at work, as usual I’m the first.
Sunny day, the morning jogging has brought me back to life: I’m feeling energetic, happy, in a fantastic mental and physical condition.
After few hours I’m starting to feel my happiness going down: the work environment, as a vampire, sucks the joy out of me.
No many words between me and my colleagues, and when we talk it’s just to giveaway tasks, papers, blames.
Negative environment which, subtly but steadily, is coming inside me and changes the colour of my day, one after another.
Once I asked myself if the private life interferes with the working life and vice versa.
If you have a good job, do you also have a good life? Maybe.
If you have a good life, do you feel good at work too? Not at all.
I have a fantastic life outside this working prison, it’s full and rewarding.
But these almost 9 hours I’m spending here oppress me and affect my happiness.
And it doesn’t matter the good salary, it doesn’t matter the rise I’ve just got.
Because the time I’m wasting here, this no living time… no one will give it back to me.
And I deeply feel a need of new places and open horizons.
Finding my way…

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