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On The Road

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.”
(Carl Gustav Jung)

Last year, while I was on the road chasing my dream Wandering Italia, I had an extra strength to help me to move forward, always and in any case, despite everything: my will.

When I left, when I made the first step, I knew I had only one chance, which was to go ahead: I could have gave up, I could have gone back or I could have just stopped, and although I also thought about it sometimes, I was firm in removing that idea, taking my backpack and continuing to walk.
Despite the pain, despite the weariness, despite the problems I had to face.

In all the time I had for myself in 52 days of walking, I analysed a lot of my journey, not only the one I was doing, but the journey of my life too, discovering many similarities.
And I realised how the same strong will helped me to get out from the most difficult times and how I was completely empty of any will in others, when I simply let myself be carried away by life..

But determination, like courage and self-esteem, even if they can be found inside us, must be cared for, cherished, helped and bred, used and exploited.
Without waiting to arrive in those situations where we have no other choice, let’s use them every day, little by little, in everyday life.

Let’s find the determination to pursue our dream!
Let’s find the courage to choose the best for us and us only!
Let’s find the self-esteem and power to regain possession of our lives!

Because we can do so much more than what we think!

We are on a journey, and whatever is the place we find ourselves at this moment, whatever the difficulties we have to face, we can move forward with determination towards the goal we have chosen.
Because it’s our choice…as it’s our choice to find the will to reach our goal!

Have a nice trip!

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