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A few days ago I read that in Sweden we have reached the amount of 400,000 unemployed which is a remarkable and worrying percentage on a population of about ten million people.
I myself have been in that situation and I know what it means to look for work, knocking at all the doors, not receiving any answers or even being shout out in a bad way.
Yet, just after 5 months, I got different and interesting possibilities.
Luck? Maybe, but I don’t think so…

I was left home at the end of April last year (2012) while officially my last day at work was the 30th of September.
Still receiving the full salary, I decided to relax and enjoy first the spring and then the summer, sure that at the end everything would be fine.
When then, the 1st of October, I started looking for work, I had to deal with the harsh reality, and soon, the confidence and belief that everything would change for the better started to falter.
Every day was the usual story: hours and hours on the various job-sites looking for something interesting, sending CVs, writing an email and waiting for an answer.
In vain, day after day.
The time was passing by and the serenity of a new kind of life I liked (here) quickly started to disappear, overtaken by the anguish and stress of the bills and mortgages to pay.
But, above all, the utmost negativity begun to wide in my beliefs, and so a feeling of apathetic indifference towards life started to firmly root in my thoughts more and more.
I could feel it as soon as I was turning on my computer and straightaway I was thinking it was completely useless because sure it was nothing I could find that day. Or when I was talking to friends and family: they were asking if I found anything, and I was answering with all the most common possible excuses and especially with my strongest belief that all the doors were closed, that there was no possibility, that there was a crisis out there, that with the high unemployment rate was impossible, and so on …
For some months I sat passively, convincing myself — more and more — that there was no opportunities for me.
Then I decided to go back to work on myself and my thoughts.

One of the things I learned from some studies and readings about positive thinking is that our brain is an exceptional machine, and knowing how to use it and control it can give amazing results. But our brain is not stupid and it’s not easy to fool it.
Let me explain it:
In my situation, try to convince myself that everything would be fine and that I would find work as soon as possible, it would have been a bit difficult if not impossible, because our brain just knows and understands the real situation and all the issues related to it.
If I merely tried to convince myself with thoughts of encouragement, I would not have succeeded because my mind would begin to question them as soon as they were formulated.
It's like when we hear others telling us: “when one door shuts, another opens” (and how often do we say it to others ...), but we really don’t believe it because we cannot see beyond the bad situation or the problems we are in.
Then I started using only one word: opportunity!
I started repeating it several times, every time it was possible: before I felt asleep or when just awaken, when I was walking around in the city, while driving, while watching tv, and so on…
I have especially begun to look for it and find it in the things were surrounding me, in the success of the others that I began to look no more with envy, but with the awareness that there were opportunities for me too.
One word as it is cannot be questioned by our mind, and there is a big difference between just saying "opportunity" (or love, wealth, success and so on) and "the world is full of opportunities" (or I am rich, I'm loved, I have succeeded ...).
In the second case, our mind know that it is not true, that you have bills you can not pay, that you are alone, that you are not respected at work and so on...
A single word, on the other hand, is not contestable and is accepted and it can root in our convictions, changing our view and life perception.
That's why I do not think it's just luck.
That's why I do not think it's just by accident I found two jobs in the last month and that I had to refuse other three or four, despite I just learned Swedish.

"The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts"
(Marco Aurelio)

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