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Our Time at the Time of Social Media

It’s late, past two in the morning.
I’m lying on the couch, the room lit only by the light of the phone I hold in one hand, while with the other I scroll through the FB’s notifications.
Quickly, one after the other, I scroll the updates of my home by browsing photos, quotes, videos, posts. These, actually, if they are longer than 5 lines I don’t even read them: I don’t have time, I have to move forward, to the next one…
I’m tired, I’ve been tired for a few hours now, but I can’t stop.
I keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…

A couple of years ago I found myself in this situation, disturbing from many points of view: I was addicted, drugged by social media, by the need to be online, to be part of everything happening on the net…

It made me think, and not a little: why did I feel this lack, this need to avidly control what was happening on that social network?
Simple: because that’s what they want, the reason why social networks are born and exist.
And the most scary thing is that they are expanding more and more and holding more and more people imprisoned, swallowed up by the vortex of that vicious mechanism.

Some called it the drug of the new millennium, someone else a weapon of mass destruction. In any case, the advent of social media has had, is having and will have a great impact on people’s lives and even influence it and condition it. (actually has already done so!)
And all done ad hoc, carefully planned…

Not long time ago I read about how the red notifications that appear on the apps of our mobile phone are not a coincidence, but they are developed and studied to create in us a sort of alarm, the feeling that something important has just happened and, if we don’t check it immediately, we have the feeling that we are missing something.
But what are we losing, in the end, if not just our own time? Are all the notifications we receive and quickly check really all so important to us, to our lives?

I have often talked to some people about how they would like to do many other things in their lives, how they would like to follow more their passions, fulfil their dreams and even radically change their lives.
When asked why they don’t do it, they usually respond with the excuse of not having time, but then one can see them glued to the phone, hour after hour, scrolling fast with their fingers, unable to stop.

Are we sure we don’t have time? Or maybe we could use the little time we have better?

Of course, imagining a life without social media is pure utopia, now it is part of our life, impossible to deny it.
I myself use them, both for work and for fun, but I have learned to try to use them moderately, not to let myself be influenced by them, not to give up my time, my passions, my life because I MUST be online, because I MUST feel involved in what is happening on the net.

That comes later, first my time comes: time for me, time for what makes me feel good, time to make sense of my life.
And to be free from any slavery, even this one…

Take back your time, that life, the real one, is happening outside that  screen…

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