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He sent his SOS to the world but no one got it. He tried, but no one really understood it.
“Peter and the Wolf “ and a situation in some ways paradoxical.
On the other hand he didn’t know himself what kind of help he was looking for. He understood it when it was already too late and it was not coming back.
At least in that moment.
They thought he was crazy: his own family, the woman he loved, his friends.For them he was just an insane who tries to follow an utopia, a dream that many have but no one, or just a few, want really try to fulfil: give up everything to go with only his backpack into the Nature, in the middle of nowhere, faraway from everyone and everything.
Why? They asked themselves… Why at his age was he still dreaming so hard?  Why was he still trying to fight the world instead of trying to live in peace with it when it was no other solution? And how many preaches he had to suffer, how many talks and attempts to make him change his mind.

The most common, recently, was that the movie “Into the wild” had fucked up his mind for ever.
Maybe it was true, or maybe it had only amplified what he felt inside all his life, even before he got to know the story of Christopher McCandless and Alex Supertramp-
But only now he realised himself the true reason…

He was there watching the bus drive away leaving behind a scent of dust against the horizon.
The Ruta 40 was a snake twisting in the endless flat land.
He had already walked for hours: there, everything was bigger and the real distances were different from what the eyes could perceive.
He had to fight with the bus driver but he managed to make him stop the bus and get off in the middle on nowhere.
There the Patagonia steppe was leaving the way to the first hills, even if the real mountains, the Andes, was still faraway.
He decide to spend the night there, even if it was still just early after noon.
But he needed to get used to those endless spaces, and yet keep that road as a connection to the reality: maybe a little bit of traffic in the night, some noises in the complete silence, could have help him to feel good and to don’t feel yet completely lonely…
He laid down, on the bare and grey ground between the rare clumps of yellowish grass.
He tried to hear the bus faraway, but the wind was blowing in the opposite direction leaving a heavy silence over the landscape.
A thrill and tears for what he could see and for the feeling of starting and facing the adventure.
Now, finally, the moment had arrived.

Unaware, or maybe just irresponsabile to get into something he didn’t know and still he loved for that feeling of infinity: an endless shelter for whom want to get away from everything, from themselves, from their own life.
Sitting and smoking a cigarette, he was looking at where he came from. Behind his shoulders the unknown places where he wanted to go.
And tomorrow morning he would walk toward that unknown, with not much of experience and a backpack full of dreams and some equipment.
To push him, most at all, was the will to try, to prove something to himself, to feel alive if he could had been in very deep dangers. From tomorrow to eat, to sleep, to face the unpredictable weather, the violent storms, the strong wind, they would became his only priorities.
Being alive to feel alive and not vegetate as he was doing until that moment in his life.
Because he could even die, he knew that, but he would die trying to be alive, at least, and not as before, in his comfort world, while was dying slowly, day after day…

He threw the last cigarette: from that moment he quitted smoking.
He took away his watch and smashed it with a stone: from that moment time was not important anymore…

He laid down waiting to fall asleep.
The Patagonia sky coloured itself of the infinity of his thoughts and feelings.
Tomorrow, beyond the hill, his past and everything he was used to would become only a memory…
He was ready, he was there. Finally.
Into the wild!

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