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Point of View

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment. ”
(Ansel Adams, photographer)

As a photographer I can assure you that there is perhaps no other more truthful statement than this about photography.
Being myself a landscape and wildlife photographer, I spend at least two days a week for my photographic tours, which are basically a full immersion in Nature.I always start with so much excitement and desire and, at the end of the day, I am always a little disappointed when, looking through the photos I took, I find some good ones and, hardly, some excellent ones.
True, going ahead with my work I have also become hypercritical, and so I get very angry with myself when I realize that I was not able to perfectly frame what I saw and, above all, what I “felt” at that moment.

But if one could always take the perfect shot, what would remain of the pleasure of photography?
Nothing, absolutely nothing …

Because the perfect photo does not exist and will never exist.
It is that utopia that leads us to return to the same places every time, in my case to photograph the same animals and the same landscapes.
But we are not the same when we return there, as it is not the same place because it’s the moment that is always different: a soap bubble floating in the sky before disappearing forever, even before we can catch it.

It’s a loose moment, peaceful, when we also manage to be closer to ourselves. In harmony.

And we photographers just try to make that moment eternal…

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