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Photo-hunting around, try to catch the freedom I envy.

White Fallow Deer

The Half Horn Deer (Fallow Deer)

18 White Fallow Deer

The Pack of Angels (white Fallow Deer)

Regal (Male Fallow deer)

The Doeskin

Many Fallow Deer

Hallo! (Fallow Deer)

There you are! (Red Fox)

Checking me (Red Fox)

Posing (Moose)

Those Gentle Eyes (Young Moose Bull)


The Forest's Ghost (White Deer)

Haughty! (Male Deer)

Portrait (Male Roe Deer)

Female Roe Deer at Early Spring

Ginger (Male Roe Deer)

Fairy Roe Deer at sunset

Romantic Sunset for Two (male and female roe deer)

Alpine Ibex

Alpine Chamois

Cute little fella (Red Squirrel)


Chatting (Hares)

Aware (Hares)

The Wolf

Great Tit

Fighting (Grey Cranes)

Singing (Grey Cranes)

Harmonious (Grey Cranes)

Thousands Grey Cranes

A Busy Sky (Barnacle goose)

Barnacle goose

On the Watch (Osprey)


Western Marsh Harrier

The Eyes (Short-eared Owl)

Goldish Wings (Short-eared Owl)

Family of Euroasian Eagle-Owl

What's for dinner? (Euroasian Eagle-Owl)


Intimacy (Pheasant male and female)

Colourful Pheasant

Warm Shades (Pheasant)

White-tailed eagle

White-tailed eagle

Impressive (White-tailed eagle)

Over 2 m Wingspan (White-tailed eagle)

Over the Sky (White-tailed eagle)

Golden Eagle

Red Kite

The Harmony of Gliding (Red Kite)

Resting (Red Kite)

Peregrin Falcon

Escaping Buzzard

Chasing Dreams (Common Buzzard)

Common Buzzard

Buteo Buteo

Long-Winged Fly (Common Buzzard)

Pale Buzzard


Sinuously (Northern Lapwing)

The Northern Lapwing

Common Shelduck

Great Cormorant

The Great Crested Grebe

Flirting Great Crested Grebe

Female Tufted Duck

Eurasian Coot


Common Chaffinch

The Black Woodpecker

Grey Heron

The Stork

Long-legged, Long-necked (Stork)

Cruelty? (Stork eating a frog)