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Eternalize Your Dreams

The exhibition “Eternalize Your Dreams” in Mind Gallery is combining two of Manuel Chiacchiararelli’s passions – writing, which has been the necessity in his life for over 20 years, and photography, his new way of artistic expression.

“Words have a great power to create the emotions and images in mind of the reader and – on the other hand – the emotions created by the picture can be transformed into words. Combining these two ways of expression has became a completely new challenge and opportunity for me – to let them interact with each other and complete themselves.
I’ve been always writing down my thoughts, emotions and dreams, trying to express the deepest sensations I had in a particular time – a certain period of my life or just a second. Words help me to catch those moments and make the eternal memories out of them.
I am a dreamer and I have learned that dreams have to be imagined in the best way possible to keep them alive in mind so they could be fulfilled.”

The exhibition “Eternalize Your Dreams” is his big dream come true and it’s not created by a coincidence: “This is the result of taking away the limitations from my thoughts, letting my life surprise me cause I strongly believe in the destiny which we can create ourselves.”
The Exhibition had is opening the 9th February 2015 and had the closing on The 4th May 2015 @ Mind Gallery, 32/1 Rozbrat Str. (entrance from Miechowska Str., stairway IV), Warsaw

“Being surrounded by your art and it’s positive energy for free months, made me sure your dreams will come true!” – said Mariola Czechowska-Frączak, the owner of Mind Gallery and Managing Partner of Mind Partners, while closing the photo-poetic exhibition of Italian writer and photographer Manuel Chiacchiararelli.