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Keep Dreaming

When did we stop dreaming?
When we were kids it was normal: the craft of dreaming big, dreaming about our future, imagining and inventing fantastic stories, games, our fairy tales where we were drawing ourselves as intrepid and adventurous heroes.
We had the innocence of not knowing how the world works, the courage not to let ourselves be intimidated by it. We had the ability not to have problems because we did not leave our mind the time to think about them. We were too busy playing, dreaming, imagining.
Then we grew up and the innocence gave way to the malice, the carefree to the concerns.
We stopped playing with the world and we let it play with us by its well established rules.
We stopped dreaming, we stopped to imagine and invent our future.
We decided not to be the protagonist anymore, just unknown actors on the scene…
What has happened to us?
When did we stop dreaming?

Tuesjön, Sweden, Winter 2014 [iPhone 5]