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Lo Sguardo dei Faggi
(The Look of the Beeches)

Manuel Chiacchiararelli - Narrativa Aracne Editrice 2011

"A really disturbing psychological mystery, this by Manuel Chiacchiararelli. Great suspense, with interesting implications under at least two profiles, the sociological and the spiritual-mystery, connected to each other.
(...)On the one hand the philosophy of being, on the other the culture of appearing. On the one hand simplicity and naturalness, on the other fictions and prejudices. On one hand the edenic man and on the other the historical man, irreconcilable among them.

Everything starts from a desire for authenticity. It is this that moves the two young protagonists, Alex and Tim, who flee from the so-called civil world, (...) taking refuge first in the typical transgression of many young people of our times: disco, booze, alcohol, smoking, drugs , random and  immoderate sex and crazy nights.
Later on (...) the two decide to satisfy their desire for essential things and simple joys by escaping to the high mountains, between mysterious woods, clear waters and clear skies.
(...) A need and desire for Mother Nature, for the Great Spirit, looking for the divine, for the universal which lives in the man himself, outside any confessional creed, outside any revealed or historical faith.

(...) A tragic fate. And the author is very skilled in dosing expertly the scenes between the nauseous town-living to the mountainous enchantment, and then from the enchantment to the terror, in a gradual transformation. Superb in the insights and in the narrative inventions, this work of great psychological refinement and introspective depth, sets and leaves open questions about unkown, inviting and disturbing unknown at the same time, as an everlasting source of bewilderment and attraction. Absolute and relative are parallel worlds: As such should be experienced, and woe to transfer the parallel in parallel! Therefore, participating in the world in which we live is as essential as knowing how to "let it go" at the right moment."
Franco Campegiani

"Tragic, poignant, characterized by aspects of the noir novel and by aspects of the esoteric work," The look of the beeches "strikes for the absolute originality of the content, for the way to proceed in the narration, rich in descriptive passages and emotional leaps. The rhythm is pressing and, on a stylistic level, the author knows how to hold the readers close, sinking the knife into the essence of history with studied frequency and intensity. In my opinion Manuel Chiacchiararelli can fit into the list of the few writers able to conceive Works that go beyond the standards we are used to, can amaze and, as a true shaman, bewitch ... "
Maria Rizzi

"Lo Sguardo dei Faggi" (The Look of the beeches) is the first novel - in Italian - written by Manuel Chiacchiararelli and published in Italy by Narrativa Aracne Editrice in December 2011. (Italian version purchasable here)
The translation of the novel and the release of an e-book english version is part of my future projects.