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Open Eyed Dreamers (OED) Radio Show

“Dreaming cannot be only an utopia. Imagining what to obtain from life is essential in achieving our goals.
Thinking HOW our world should be like – is the first step to CHANGE our reality! We CAN create the life that we desire. If we join TOGETHER, the changes we can make will be even bigger…
Dream and be happy! Dream and achieve what you want!
Because it’s our right to be happy. Because it’s time to open our eyes and wake up from this common numbness.
Because it’s time to live for what really matters.
And now it’s the highest time to start living our dreams!”

Manuel Chiacchiararelli

“Open Eyed Dreamers” has been a radio show - in 2015 - providing a focus on the wide subject of daydreams and their underestimated impact on our lives. It has been hosted by Italian writer and photographer Manuel Chiacchiararelli, and broadcasted from Malmö (Sweden) on Poland-based internet radio station “noderadio”.

As a part of “” project, OED radio show is was broadcasted in 3 language versions – English, Polish & Italian – to connect the biggest possible amount of people, who believe the dreams go beyond any boundaries.

Both projects - "" and "Open Eyed Dreamers" - are in stand-by at the moment.