Wandering Italia

What drives a forty-three-year-old man to quit his job, start over, get back into the game, and tackle over three thousand kilometres of wild mountains on foot and in solitude? Indeed the desire and the need to feel that life cannot just be a continuous and monotonous progress of days all the same, without a purpose or a motivation. The need to cross the unknown, inside and outside of oneself, and to know one’s limits, fears and weaknesses, but also the most hidden abilities and unexpected resources. The need to look for the right path to follow and put one’s existence back in place.

Wandering Italia is a journey, real but also internal, to find happiness, if it exists, or at least the desire to chase it again; a trip on unknown paths to rediscover, step by step, that desire to live, to move forward, which should never vanish, but which seemed to have lost forever

On 14 May 2018, I left the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park to solo hike, first the Apennines and then the Alps, towards Trieste. A dream to pursue and realise, a life to be taken back into the hands, an adventurous journey, an unforgettable experience. All this has been, and is, WANDERING ITALIA.

The book is available in the following formats:

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  • paperback or hardcover on Amazon (check your local Amazon, for example, amazon.uk, amazon.fr, and so on)