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Red Deer Belling time 2019 (1/2)


Here are the photos of the first day.
Usually deer are grouped outdoors during the night and return to the forest at the first lights of dawn.
Lately, however, I've seen them stay out even during the day, so I tried to reach them before sunrise.
Their belling filled up the air, I saw them distant and almost indistinguishable in the twilight, I approached the river and,hidden between the bushy vegetation and I waited.
That day they decided to regroup and return all, about 80 of them, towards the forest passing by to just few dousins of meters away from me.
The males drove the group by throwing their strong call time to time, while one, maybe the alpha male, kept me under surveillance at a distance and with a face that I didn't feel so safe...

Gone in the forest I went to search them following their call and their paths, sitting down and waitinng to see them often passing by just a few steps away without even noticing me
These are just a few photos of the wonderful experience I had.

There has been a race between a male deer and a western marsh harrier; by the photo-finish is clear that the deer came in second place 😃

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