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Red Deer Belling time 2019 (2/2)

Here are the photos of the second day:
After what I saw the previous time I thought to wait the herd of deer lurking at the edge of the forest: according to my calculations the pack would come towards me, which would also have allowed me to have the perfect light, the sun rose behind me, for my shots.

Obviously Nature is Nature and therefore unpredictable and, in spite of myself, I had to change my plan: the pack seems to have now divided into smaller groups and some were very distant, across the river.
So I decided to follow the echo of their closest calls and managed to get close to what seemed to be the harem of a strong male specimen.
Also this time the camouflage has made the difference because it has captured their attention without making them run away immediately and I managed to admire them from really close point of view.

But when they had enough, they ran to the forest, disappearing into the golden fog lighted up from the first sun light of the day.
Leaving behind a felling of a fairytale spell...

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