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Reduce the Restrictions

Until not long time ago I was self-defeating, limiting myself.
I unconsciously restricted the flow of life to me and, passively, I was letting it slide away fast. Without doing anything, apathetic and numb in the nothingness of many days which looked all the same.
I could see only many different problems and, above all, I believed it was impossible to solve them, and that I could never find my way out.
So, slowly, I had touched the bottom and it seemed that I had decided to stay there for a while.
But I'm a fighter, I'm not giving up, I know life and I know how to bite it.
That's what I told myself, and this was the first step, the first push to come up.
Then I changed the way of seeing things, I minimised my limitations by replacing them with the vision of unlimited opportunities and possibilities.
Instead of focusing and believing how difficult it was to change things, I began to imagine what could solve my problems, fantasising on all the opportunities I could have found to make my life better.
I began to dream great, to imagine the impossible, to believe in small and great miracles that could have saved me.
And above all, I began to believe that everything was possible, that I had already reached my goal, that I did not have to worry because, in my life, the best had yet to come. I have removed all the restrictions and in a short time my life has changed: if in the past everything was just routine and boredom, I am now astonished and bumped into continuous novelties and surprises.
I did not think it was possible to change, I thought I would die at my hated work which was stealing my time and energy, and, anyway, I believed that any job would have been the same.
Then I started telling myself I could find something that would make me happy and, above all, satisfied. I believed something unthinkable would come.
And within a few months:
I found myself releasing an interview and collaborating with an on-line radio ( and, soon, I will have my own radio-show;
Next week it will be the inauguration of my "photo-poetic" (words and photographs) exhibition in a Warsaw gallery;
And then many other projects are coming in place, as creating a new space to publish in English and Polish (maybe even Swedish) my writings, and a bigger project which, I already know, it will get me out of my hated work.
I was living with the fear to be evicted from my apartment and I believed it was impossible to find another accommodation. Then in December a real estate agency called me and next week I move to a new apartment.
I even found LOVE even if I was not able to see it anywhere around me. And IT came into my life from an unexpected door, shaking me and surprising me completely.
Coincidence? I don’t believe so, at all, as I don’t believe in destiny but only in what we are able to create ourselves.

And while I was writing this piece, they contacted me and there seems to be new job opportunities, maybe the opportunity to build my own work and so organize better my time: I was not looking for it, yet someone, through strange connections, contacted me.
I say it again: coincidences? Not at all.

Limits the limitations and let unlimited opportunities and possibilities come into your life!

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