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Returning to Mother Nature

I let my life slide faraway from me.
The world we know, and in which we are forced to live, runs on a highway just few hundreds meter away. Here comes the echo of fast cars and slow trucks sloping uphill, while I’m imagine the clock ticking, stressing that kind of life.
The only we know, perhaps, the only we are used to and so, in a way, submitted to.
I'm just a few feet away from all those noises, the hurry, the busy living, and yet I feel so distant ...
A shred of nature, a piece of forest surrounding a small glade.
Closed in a square meter of a sighting station, slowly the traffic noise goes fading and I start listening: immobile, I let my senses get hold of what I see in front of, of what surrounds me.
Listen, sniff the air, look at the sky first, the dense forest at the sides then.
Two hours for myself.
Two hours of peace.
Two hours to let the Mother Nature harmony surprise me.
Even if I’m struggling at the beginning, looking at the clock, giving myself new deadlines as if something else was waiting for me.
Then I let it go, and the time goes by the perfect rhythm of what surrounds us and, even if the humanity try to subdue, it remains greater than us.
Yes, because in the peace and harmony in front of me I find the divine essence and, maybe, the meaning of life.
The forest breathes with the wind; the animals, wonderful appearances, come in and out with no care for the fast world nearby.
Despite everything, despite that world tries more and more to crush them, hunt them, quell them in smaller and less wild areas.
An Eagle lays on a branch. Enormous and majestic checks the territory. Then it flies out and returns to twirl in the sky.
Freedom, the word that comes to mind. What we unfortunately have lost.
And it is time to go.
Unfortunately I do not belong to this place ...

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