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Eagles and others birds of prey!

Guests reviews:

Jakob - 4 February 2020 - Denmark
Please go on this trips, it is really a learning experience.

Cindy - 18 December 2019 - China
The birding trip is unforgettably AMAZING!!! I still feel so thrilled remembering the trip. I was hesitating between deer and birding experience but Manuel managed to give me a combination. The weather was nice. We were able to spot golden eagles and white tailed eagles for several times, along the road with a loooot of red kites and buzzards and kestrels that you won’t worry about missing any. Meanwhile we saw pheasants (quite a lot), hares and deers as well! Manuel kept good instant contact with other birders, so we can try to “chase” to the point that other birders just spotted good birds. Manuel is super warm and supportive during the whole experience (he’s sweeter than his pastry!!), even let me try his 3kg heavy camera haha. Through the stories that he shared with me, I can feel his passion and love towards nature. When we were immersed in the beautiful nature in Malmö, we can feel tranquility and peace, not only about birds! This is really an amazing experience where you can connect to the nature as well as amazing people. Far far far more than I’ve ever imagined. Best birding trip in my life!

Axelle - 25 November 2019 - France
This experience is crazy. Manuel do everything he can to show you eagles and other animals of the country. He is very convenient and friendly. I recommand this experience for every nature lovers!

Lena - 30 October 2019 - Sweden
I stongly recommend this experience! You will see and learn about eagles and other birds in a beautiful setting, which adds to the experience. You will meet other eagle watchers, and that was an experience in itself. A community of eagle lovers signalling to each other by phone when siting an eagle...! I loved the whole experience and Manuel was the perfect guide, knowledgeable, patient and pleasant!

Niels - 26 September 2019 - Nederland
In een woord "GEWELDIG". Manuel is zeer enthousiast en laat je alle speciale plekken zien waar de kans groot is dat je roofvogels ziet. En je krijgt er tegelijk een toeristische route bij en uitleg bij over de streek. Het is echt aan te raden om deze ervaring te boeken of een andere met hem.
(In a word "AWESOME". Manuel is very enthusiastic and shows you all the special places where there is a good chance that you will see birds of prey. And you get at the same time a tourist route and explanation about the region. It is really advisable to book this experience or another with him.)

Jen - 22 September 2019 - USA
It was nice to get out into the countryside surrounding Malmö on our recent visit, and spend some time watching the beautiful bird life. There were quite a few other groups/people at most of the stops we made, just by the side of the road, so it didn’t seem that difficult to do on your own if you have a car (we did not, so it was great to get picked up and transported by Manuel!). He was flexible about our start time, and easy going about me bringing my infant daughter. It was also fun to get to play with his giant telephoto lens. We saw eagles, buzzards, red kites, a peregrine falcon, and several more common ducks and birds. He even sent us our photos that night!

Maria - 30 August 2019 - Germany
Perfect day with Manuel :) We saw lots of beatiful places, different birds of prey and even a white male deer! Manuel has lots of knowledge on the area, its wildlife and photography which he loves to share as well as his life experience. We took great pictures with his equipment and he even brought coffee and sweets :) As he is also very easy to get along with I would recommend the experience to everyone who is interested to be a little bit more enthusiastic about nature in the end of the day than before.

Michelle - 16 August 2019 -  USA
We had perfect weather the day we spent with Manuel; he was an exceptional host. We drove around the countryside to key spots where eagles and other birds were known to be. We saw swans, red kites, arctic terns, grey crested grebe, coot, western marsh harrier, heron, storks, cormorants, sea eagle, a hovering kestrel stalking prey and what is known as a buzzard (different than the American buzzard aka turkey vulture). We also saw a pack of fallow deer running across an open field and a serene group of diminutive roe deer grazing. It was a special experience to be outdoors in the Swedish countryside and birding and peeping wildlife with Manuel and his equipment. Highly recommended.