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Getting closer to the Grey Seals!

Guests reviews:

Piyaratchada- 4 January 2020 - Thailand
I totally love this experience even when we went to the peninsula the weather is not so good yet so windy but after saw the beauty of the nature everything is totally worth it :) Observing not only grey seals but also wild birds on the way ! I enjoyed it Thanks :)

Kim- 4 January 2020 - Switzerland
Fantastic experience!! You can tell that it is Manuel's passion. He took really good care and did not only share his knowledge about the grey seals but also about the area, life in Sweden/ Denmark and so much more

Michel- 3 January 2020 - France
L’expérience était intéressante et Manuel est cultivé et sympathique...

(The experience was interesting and Manuel is prepared and friendly ...)

Carole- 2 January 2020 - France
Manuel is a very friendly person, sharing his passion of nature and photography, in a amazing place of pure nature.

Theresa- 1 January 2020 - Germany
Diese Tour war ein besonderes Erlebnis für mich. Ich habe die schöne Wanderung am Meer entlang trotz Wind und Kälte genossen. Warme Kleidung ist unbedingt erforderlich. Und am Ende dann die Belohnung. Robben ganz aus der Nähe beobachten zu können ist für jeden Naturliebhaber sicher etwas ganz besonders. Manuel ist sehr nett, hilfsbereit und freundlich. Er hat unsere Gruppe den ganzen Weg unterhalten und sein Wissen über die Natur und seine Bewohner mit uns geteilt. Am Ende gab es noch Kaffee und Kuchen. Ein rundum gelungenes Erlebnis.

(This tour was a special experience for me. I enjoyed the beautiful hike along the sea despite the wind and cold. Warm clothing is essential. And in the end the reward. Watching seals up close is something special for every nature lover. Manuel is very nice, helpful and friendly. He kept our group entertained all the way and shared his knowledge of nature and its inhabitants with us. In the end there was coffee and cake. An all-round successful experience.)

Manuel- 1 January 2020 - France
Très bonne expérience avec une belle surprise et de petites attentions de Manuel

(Very good experience with a nice surprise and small attentions from Manuel)

Emmanuelle- 31 December 2019 - Switzwerland
It was a very nice walk though very long for kids! (7 km) all on sandy beaches.... but Manuel was very nice and did the best for us to have a nice experience ! Happy New Year Emanuel!

Lukas- 31 December 2019 - Germany
Definetly a unique experience at a special place

Fernando- 30 December 2019 - Spain
Bonita experiencia. Tuvimos muy buen tiempo para ser fin de año. Pudimos observar a las focas de cerca, y disfrutar de un paseo por la naturaleza. Una playa preciosa. Manuel se preocupó de darnos una buena atención. Agradable conversación. Agradecemos que nos fuese a buscar, ya que nos equivocamos de estación. Nosotros éramos dos personas. La visita se hizo conjuntamente con otro grupo de 5 personas. Viaje en microbus. Paseo por la playa. Cafe y galletas al terminar la experiencia para entrar en calor. Preciosas fotografias. Gracias!

(Nice experience We had very good time to be the end of the year. We were able to observe the seals up close, and enjoy a nature walk. A beautiful beach. Manuel worried about giving us good attention. Nice conversation We appreciate you going to look for us, since we are wrong about the station. We were two people. The visit was made jointly with another group of 5 people. Travel by microbus. Walk on the beach Coffee and cookies at the end of the experience to get warm. Beautiful pictures. Thank you!)

Marc- 30 December 2019 - Spain
Manuel is a very nice person. We felt very comfortable since the first moment. He contacted with us some days before and he prepared the activity very well, with a lot of details. He gave us a lot of information and told stories about seals but also about Malmo and Sweden. We highly recommend this experience.

Chiara- 29 December 2019 - Italy
Esperienza fantastica! Manuel ci ha saputo trasmettere tutta la sua passione. Dopo una passeggiata nella riserva naturale abbiamo raggiunto il punto migliore per vedere le foche. Manuel ci ha anche permesso di scattare foto con la sua attrezzatura e a fine tour ci ha offerto una merenda. A parte il forte vento è stata una bellissima esperienza che consiglio a tutti, grandi e soprattutto bambini!

(Fantastic experience! Manuel has been able to convey all his passion to us. After a walk in the nature reserve we reached the best point to see the seals. Manuel also allowed us to take photos with his equipment and at the end of the tour he offered us a snack. Apart from the strong wind it was a beautiful experience that I recommend to everyone, adults and especially children!)

Yuliia- 29 December 2019 - Ukraine
An experience of a lifetime! Manuel is such a caring host and an amazing storyteller with insider tips about living in both Copenhagen and Malmö. The natural reserve we visited is so beautiful and I would never have found it by myself being a tourist. We were lucky and got the chance to see the seals really close - they are so cute ☺️. It gets pretty windy and cold in winter by the sea (obviously), but some thermal underwear is enough to enjoy the tour to the most. Recommend!

Issariya- 28 December2019 - Thailand
It’s unique and great experience. Manuel is very nice and knowledgeable. He shared his expertise with us which showed his passions and his respect of nature. Even though the first stop at Måkläppens we couldn’t only see the seals swimming around, we finally saw and could take photos of them sunbathing on rocks by the coast on the way back to Malmö. Thanks to Emanuel effort to help us find the spot and pack a nice memory from this activity back home. Highly recommended.

Qian- 23 December 2019 - China
It was amazing!!!! We got to see a lot of seals and birds and they are really amazing creatures! It’s so cute when they are checking the people. Manuel is really nice and professional, he also told me a lot about Malmö and Copenhagen and so on. This was a really wonderful experience, I highly recommend it!

Asia- 20 December 2019 - Italy
È stata un’esperienza indimenticabile a contatto con la natura, ha reso questa giornata speciale. Manuel è stato molto amichevole e disponibile, si vede che ha passione per ciò che fa.

(It was an unforgettable experience in contact with nature, made this day special. Manuel has been very friendly and helpful, it shows that he has a passion for what he does.)

Pierre-Louis- 17 December 2019 - France
We had an amazing time! Despite the cold weather it was truly enjoyable, we managed to see the seals from up close and they even followed us in the water the whole time. The walk to see them gave us the opportunity to discover a beautiful landscape. Manuel was also a wonderful host and even took extra time to show us the beautiful bridge between Sweden and Danemark. I highly recommend this experience.

Ionela- 5 December 2019 - Italy
To do at least once in a lifetime!

Sohrab- 5 December 2019 - India
What an amazing day. Manuel is great and the trip is worth braving all sorts of weather to be a part of.

Servando- 2 December 2019 - USA
Very nice experience. I saw a lot besides the seals manuel is very knowledgeable about nature in general and was a great guide. He is very personable and I enjoyed the experience. Would highly recommend.

Bernadett- 30 November 2019 - Scotland
Manuel is a really passionate person about nature and animals and super knowledgeabl! I would recommend to anyone who love nature because it is a great experience!!

Manuela- 29 November 2019 - Romania
The experience was great. I would recommend this kind of experience, but on warm and sunny days. The cold weather was an impediment, but it showed us that we and our bodies are capable to endure a lot of things.

Teresa- 29 November 2019 - Austria
Manuel was a very nice guide, he has very much knowledge about the nature and animals and was very friendly and communicative :) the beach was windy and beautiful, it was truly an experience! PS: fika was also very good

Rhonda- 28 November 2019 - USA
What a great and unique experience to see coastal wildlife and walk alongside a Swedish beach in a nature reserve. Highly recommend.

ROni - 24 November 2019 - USA
Highly recommend adventures with Manuel. Very easy to communicate with about pick up etc and speedy responses to messages. Manuel is friendly and extremely knowledgable about wildlife and nature and I could tell that it is his passion and that he loves sharing it with others. It was a pleasure and unique experience going out with him to see the seals and they were so cute bobbing their heads out of the water. Luckily we got there early enough to see some seals even though the winds were so high!! When we left large crowds were coming and for sure they would have scared them away so I'm glad Manuel got us there in time. I hope to explore with Manuel some more in the future. I'd love to see the eagles and white tailed deer. I am sure there will be more fun to come. Good luck to you Manuel!.

Eleanor - 24 November 2019 - UK
We had a great time seeing the seals. It was a windy day so unfortunately they weren’t on the sand but we could see them in the water and Manuel pointed them out and provided binoculars to use as well. Manuel was very easy to chat to and spoke passionately about the animals and nature in Sweden. Would recommend this experience.

Matthew- 24 November 2019 - UK
Good experience enjoyed by me and my girlfriend. We were disappointed to not see more seals and seals close up but we liked seeing seals from a distance popping out of the water. On the whole it was an enjoyable experience and was definitely worth doing!

Victoria - 22 November 2019 - UK
A fantastic experience in Malmö for my birthday. Manuel was friendly, knowledgeable and he made the excursion private for just me and my partner for my birthday which was really special. We saw lots of seals, getting close enough for a good look but remaining far enough away so they didn’t get scared. Manuel took lovely photos of the seals and let us have a go too! We got the photos to keep as a souvenir via google drive and we got them really promptly. He also provided some binoculars so we could get a good view of the seals swimming too. I cannot recommend this excursion enough, if you love seals and/or nature you’ll have a fantastic time. If I’m ever back in Malmö I’d definitely book to go again. Highlight of my holiday, thank you Manuel!

Matteo - 19 November 2019 - Italy
Aver conosciuto Manuel è stata una bella sorpresa! L'organizzazione, comunicazione (prima e nel mentre) è stata perfetta. Disponibile, gentile, competente ma soprattutto un vero amante della natura e degli animali. Ha saputo raccontare e spiegare tanti argomenti, sia inerenti all'esperienza sia a curiosità nostre. La foca è veramente un animale straordinario ed affascinante...sono stato contento di aver fatto questa esperienza! Vi consiglio tanto di farlo con Manuel, per la persona che è e la passione che ci mette e che trasmette. Bravo davvero!

(Meeting Manuel was a nice surprise! The organization, communication (before and during) was perfect. Available, kind, competent but above all a true lover of nature and animals. He was able to tell and explain many topics, both inherent to the experience and to our curiosities. The seal is truly an extraordinary and fascinating animal ... I was happy to have had this experience! I highly recommend you to do it with Manuel, for the person he is and the passion he puts into us and transmits. Really good!)

Anaya - 17 November 2019 - UK
I was very excited about this experience, and it was a lovely day. But unfortunately, as is the case with most nature-related experiences, we didn’t get to see any seals. So it was a but of a let down. But this was no fault of Manuel, the host. Such is nature. Despite that, he made us feel very welcome. And I had a great morning!!

(For the record, the same day I had other guests and another review, below, in which they admit to having seen the seals, which really happened... )

Alex - 16 November 2019 - Hungary
This was an amazing place. We saw the seals far from the cost. It was windy nevertheless you must relive it...

Dalibor - 16 November 2019 - Czech Republic
Great experience, highly recommend to everybody.

Andrea  - 12 November 2019 - Switzerland
Arrived in Malmo late because of the train Manuel immediately proved to be a person friendly, patient and very helpful. As a true lover of nature and its landscapes, Manuel will take you to a unique place with an exceptional panorama, providing you with lots of information, not only on seals, but also on many other animals living in the reserve. In addition to personal anecdotes and customs of Sweden. Observing the seals in their natural environment was a unique experience. Seals turned out to be very nice and curious animals: they watched us curious and even followed us for a while during the return. Manuel is an enthusiast and expert in natural photography and will also provide you with some interesting tips and tricks for taking better pictures, immortalizing you too during the hike. Fascinating experience that I recommend to every nature and animal lover.

Julien- 10 November 2019 - France
Manuel was very kind with us ! We talked a lot about Swedish culture and it was very interesting ! We saw several seals on the beach and in the water ! It was very cute !! We used his camera to take some amazing pictures. And Manuel shot us to immortalise that incredible moment !!

Nikoletta - 9 November 2019 - Hungary
I would highly recommend to take this tour. It’s really woth it. It was a really unique experience to see the animals being free and happy in the beautiful nature. I could connected to the life there. Our tour guide was very kind, helpful and friendly, we were constantly talking and I felt like we’ve known each other for years. We’ve been picked up from our preferred location at a preferred time in front of our accomodation in Malmö at 10 am, as we were arrived quite late in the previous evening. We got some traditional Swedish breakfast with coffe which was really delicious. If we visit Malmö or Coppenhagen next time we will go for an other tour guided by Manuel. Thank you very much for this experience!!

Alice - 6 November 2019 - Australia
Loved seeing the seals in their habitat! Manuel is such an insightful and decent bloke. Thanks heaps

Rhita - 3 November 2019 - Morocco
Très belle expérience. Manuel est une personne super sympathique, un bon vivant et un amoureux de la Nature. Nous avons pu observer de très près les animaux tout en conservant une distance de sécurité pour ne pas les effrayer. Merci pour l’accueil !
(Very nice experience. Manuel is a super nice person, a good guy and a lover of nature. We were able to observe the animals very closely while keeping a safe distance to avoid frightening them. Thank you for the welcoming !)

Emanuela - 1 November 2019 - Italy
Manuel è stato a dir poco eccezionale!esperienza fantastica... un posto unico ... assolutamente da consigliare!!!Caffe e dolcetti buonissimi... 😊... Dopo aver visitato la riserva naturale ci ha portato a fare un piccolo giro nei dintorni, disponibile e gentile non si è risparmiato a farci da guida e a darci consigli per la nostra vacanza a Copenaghen...
(Manuel was just amazing! Fantastic experience ... a unique place ... absolutely recommended !!! Delicious coffee and sweets ... 😊 ... After visiting the nature reserve he took us for a little tour in the surrounding area, helpful and polite, he did not spare himself as our guide and gave us tips for our vacation in Copenhagen)