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White deer... and so much more!

Guests reviews:

Bea- 25 Gennaio 2020 - Spagna
Manuel fue en todo momento muy atento y amable. Los ciervos, el bosque y las conversaciones inspiradoras con él hicieron de nuestra excursión en lo salvaje una experiencia inolvidable.

(Manuel was at all times very attentive and friendly. The deer, the forest and the inspiring conversations with him made our excursion in the wild an unforgettable experience.)

Isaac- 25 Gennaio 2020 - Spagna
Gracias a esta experiencia hemos podido disfrutar de la belleza natural de Suecia y observar animales en su medio natural. Manuel es una gran persona, con una vida interesante y grandes conocimientos. Nos dejó su cámara y pudimos hacer algunas fotos a los ciervos blancos. Son animales salvajes, por lo que no te esperes que vengan corriendo a ti a darte un abrazo, pero si lo que buscas es una experiencia única y disfrutar de la naturaleza seguro que te encantará.

(Thanks to this experience we have been able to enjoy the natural beauty of Sweden and observe animals in their natural environment. Manuel is a great person, with an interesting life and great knowledge. He left us his camera and we were able to take some pictures of the white deer. They are wild animals, so do not expect them to come running to give you a hug, but if you are looking for a unique experience and enjoy nature you will surely love it.)

Janet- 22 Gennaio 2020 - USA
Thanks Manuel for a great day! It was a wonderful outing very special thanks

Bruce- 22 Gennaio 2020 - USA
This was a great experience

Evelina- 19 Gennaio 2020 - Ucraina
This tour was a good addition to our four day getaway in Copenhagen, just to kind of getaway from all the bars and crowds. Manuel was really thoughtful and gave us an insight into a range of topics. Would highly recommend

Cécile- 27 December 2019 - France
Très belle journée avec Manuel qui nous fait partager sa passion et son intérêt pour la nature, la vie sauvage, la liberté. La visite respecte la beauté et la quiétude des animaux et du lieu. Couleurs et odeurs au rendez-vous dans les sous-bois, les champs et les étangs suédois, lumière exceptionnelle d’une fin de journée d’hiver. Une balade pleine de découvertes et de poésie. Nous avons trouvé Manuel attentionné et très impliqué dans sa vision des choses et son rôle de guide.

(Very nice day with Manuel who shares with us his passion and his interest for nature, wild life, freedom. The visit respects the beauty and tranquility of the animals and the place. Colors and smells come together in Swedish undergrowth, fields and ponds, exceptional light at the end of the winter day. A stroll full of discoveries and poetry. We found Manuel attentive and very involved in his vision of things and his role as guide.)

Rowyn- 16 December 2019 - South Africa
This is a great experience and wonderful way to see the countryside. Manuel is very knowledgeable about the area and animals. Definitely recommended..

Madhu- 10 December 2019 - Germany
Manuel's passion in this topic is real and genuine. Unique experience for wildlife lovers.

Chung-Yi - 4 Decembre 2019 - Taiwan
This is a unique experience to explore the nature near Malmo area. Manuel is friendly and has the rich knowledge of the area.

Choi Yan - 21 November 2019 - Honk Kong
This is a unique experience for those who are living in a city, Manuel is a helpful and kind people he will answer you any questions, highly recommend for this!!^^

Tobias - 20 November 2019 - Austria
This was really a special experience :) I think that everyone who will do this experience will have his own individual one! And that makes it unique. I can recommend this trip.

Christian - 15 November 2019 - Italy
Bellissima esperienza e la consiglio vivamente a tutti in modo tale da poter ammirare gli spettacoli della natura

(Beautiful experience and I highly recommend it to everyone so that you can admire the spectacles of nature)

Ester - 15 November 2019 - Italy
Esperienza molto interessante, considerando anche che l'autenticità dell'esperienza fa sì che la sua intensità dipenda da fattori assolutamente non indotti ma spontanei della natura.

(Very interesting experience, considering also that the authenticity of the experience makes its intensity depend on factors that are absolutely not induced but spontaneous by nature.)

Hidemi - 31 October 2019 - Japan
北欧の森を案内していただき、ホワイトイーグルや鴨の群れ、牛、鹿、野生の白い鹿などたくさんの動物や植物が見れて、楽しい一日でした。 集合駅を間違えてしまい、連絡するとその駅まで迎えに来てくださいました。ほんとうに良い方で、次は季節を変えてお世話になりたいと思っています。 ありがとうございました。

(It was a fun day to see the Nordic forest and see many animals and plants such as white tailed eagle, flock of duck, cow, deer and wild white deer. I made a mistake at the meeting station, and when I contacted, he came to pick me up at that station. He was really good and I want to do it again the next season. Thank you very much.)

Aleksandra - 29 October 2019 - Switzerland
È stata un’esperienza fantastica, consigliatissima. Un tuffo nella natura. Grazie Manuel

(It was a fantastic experience, highly recommended. A dive into nature. Thanks Manuel)

Денис - 11 October 2019 - Russia
It was amazing experience. Manuel was very attentive and anxious host. This adventure unforgettable because I become more closer with nature.

Bohdana - 11 October 2019 - Ukraine
Such an extraordinary experience! Even though the weather didn't want to cooperate with us, we saw animals as could not even dream to :) Manuel is such an interesting person, outgoing and genuine person. This was truly life changing experience, I recommend it anyone who enjoys nature and wants to learn something new about it.

Melody - 1 October 2019 - China
Manuel is a wonderful host! I lost my cellphone service when I was on the way so I lost touch for a while but he still managed to pick me up. I was really lucky and I saw some white fallow deer in the very beginning! I also saw some other deer and all kinds of wild birds. It was quite a special experience. I also had some inspiring conversations with Manuel. Overall it was a great experience and i would recommend it!

Anna  - 22 September 2019 - Italy
It's been an enriching experience, Manuel is a very passionate and welcoming host. He told us interesting facts about the nature and wildlife of Sweden, we managed to witness lots of beautiful landscapes and animals. Overall, it's been a wonderful day, thanks to the good weather too. Highly recommended experience!!!

Cristiano - 22 September 2019 - Italy
Una esperienza unica, consigliatissimo. Un'immersione nella natura a contatto con animali affascinanti. Mangiare nel bosco, avvistare cervi, daini, rapaci di ogni genere è qualcosa di magico. Trasforma la vostra vacanza in un vero viaggio. Manuel è un esperto conoscitore della fauna locale, del luogo, nonché abile escursionista e fotografo! Vi farà sentire benvenuti e la sua ospitalità è ineccepibile. Consigliatissimo!
(A unique experience, highly recommended. An immersion in nature in contact with fascinating animals. Eating in the woods, sighting deer, fallow deer, birds of prey of all kinds is something magical. Turn your vacation into a real journey. Manuel is an expert connoisseur of the local fauna, of the place, as well as a skilled hiker and photographer! It will make you feel welcome and its hospitality cannot be faulted. Highly recommended!)

Lisa - 20 September 2019 - Australia
Manuel knows the area and the wildlife really well and can take you to places you might not otherwise find.

Ester - 8 September 2019 - Germany
Ich bin sehr froh diese Entdeckung gebucht zu haben, da sie meine Vorstellung übertroffen hat! Ich denke Manuel ist der beste Guide, den man sich dafür wünschen kann. Er kennt sich super aus, liebt leidenschaftlich was er macht und gibt einem das Gefühl mit einem guten alten Freund unterwegs zu einem Abenteuer zu sein was die Atmosphäre magisch macht. Ich kann es von Herzen jedem weiterempfehlen!
(I am very happy to have booked this experience as it has exceeded my imagination! I think Manuel is the best guide you can ask for. He knows his stuff, loves what he does and makes you feel like in an adventure with a good old friend on the road, which makes the atmosphere magical. I can heartily recommend it to anyone!)

Paola - 19 August 2019 - Italy
È stata un’esperienza piacevole a contatto con la natura. È una persona esperta ed esprime il suo amore per la natura e la fotografia. (It was a pleasant experience in contact with nature. He is an expert and expresses his love for nature and photography.

Zamorano - 1 August 2019 - Nederland
Manuel is a great host. Very friendly and he tries to make you as comfortable as possible. We didn't really get to see much wildlife, but nature runs its own course. It still was a fun experience, exploring the beautiful nature of Malmö.

Nancy - 31 July 2019 - Canada
Très belle expérience qui permet de voir Malmo sous un autre angle. Manuel nous transporte d'un endroit à un autre et nous parle avec passion des richesses des lieux où l'on se trouve. Ça vaut la peine!
(Very nice experience that allows to see Malmo from another angle. Manuel transports us from one place to another and speaks passionately about the riches of the places where we are. It's worth it!)

Barbara - 20 July 2019 - Belgium
Pour les passionnés de photographie et d oiseaux, la nature est tres belle et la compagnie tres agreable.
(For photography enthusiasts and birds, nature is very beautiful and the company very pleasant.)

Claude - 11 July 2019 - Switzerland
Manuel is a great nature lover who loves to share his passion. He is flexible and attentive to your needs. He even lets you use his professional photography material and sends your best pictures! He knows plenty of places to spot animals and will adapt when they do not want to show up somewhere (nature is nature!), or if you are more interested to see a specific animal. A great day!