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Winter snow in South of Sweden is not common at all, even if one may think the opposite, especially in Malmö and along the coast.Secondly, having the snow and then a sunny day it’s something extremely extraordinary.

So, when I came back from Poland and I found a snowy Sweden, after I had a little taste of it just after the landing (then we went home to rest after we woke up at 3:30 am…) and after I checked the forecasts, I decided to entirely spend the day after for a photoshoot.

This time the forecasts were right, and since the morning a nice and regenerating sun shined over the snow-covered city.
I got ready to quickly go out a don’t lose a second of such special day, for us accustomed to dull, grey and windy days.
No, that day was different: getting out I found a calm air, definitely higher temperature compare to the Siberian cold of the past days, and a feeling of peace and happiness highlighted by the birds chirp through the trees in the courtyard.
I felt something special was waiting for me…

I drove northbound, without a defined destination but with the will to just follow my instinct.
On the E22, just after Lund where the landscape open itself toward the horizon, I had the feeling of getting wrapped by a glow of light: the sun was warming up the ground from where a light mist was rising up in the snow reflection and, where there was nothing else than fields, I had the feeling of floating in a white ocean.
From time to time the dark silhouettes of trees and farms appeared from nowhere, and then the wind turbines, high against a deep blue sky.
I changed my route and straight away I took the first exit lane and then the first beside road through the fields.
I like to drive on this small roads, usually very small which just bring to farms or villages, because I so have the possibility of slow dow and look around without any traffic problem.
Almost straight away I spotted some roe-deers on my left: my camera was ready on the passenger’s seat and I could shoot from the window without getting out and frighten them; after a bit, on the right side, I found a inspiring spot for some landscape pictures.
I stopped the car, got out and realised I didn’t even need the jacket: the sun was warm and there was not wind at all, just silence and peace.
It felt already as an amazing day, and it was just 11 am…

I kept wandering around, already happy and satisfied with my daily outcomes.
At every crossroad I followed my instinct to decide at the moment which direction to take; at one particular crossroad I was not sure, both roads were inspiring: left or right? I chose left and, straight away, I knew I took the right decision.
Over the field I saw something moving, so I slowed down and looked: around sixty fallow-deers calmly basking in the sun, camouflaged between the clods and snow.
I stopped, took some pictures directly from inside the car: it looked like I was not bothering them at all, so I got out to get as much closer as I could.
Through my tele-zoom I could spot a white one, a more dark one and a lighter and spotted one. There were so many of them that it was impossible to get all of them in the same picture.
They got up, perhaps bothered but not scared, then a small group headed northbound: I followed them with my camera, then I thought it was time to let them by themselves.
As soon as I started driving again I could see on the other side of the road another big pack of deer, where the small group was heading: I stopped again, got out and while I was looking for a good spot to shoot, two hares crossed the snowy field.
Some pictures of them, some of the faraway deer, then I decided to take another landscape one, following the good vibes of that emotional and special situation.
I felt happy, inspired, and truly lucky I could enjoy such a thing and all the surprises Mother Nature gives.

Then I asked myself: was it just because of luck that I decided to take just that road? Was it just by “coincidences” that I decided to follow that itinerary?

I usually have such thoughts while I’m driving around, meaningless, during what I call “getting lost”: wandering around without a destination, often pointlessly, as it could seem at the beginning; many times I endlessly drive around and nothing special “happens”, hundreds and hundreds km which, at the end, feel as a “waste”; other times, as this one, I’m getting lost and, suddenly, I find something extraordinary.
And then I think: isn’t it maybe a metaphor of our life?

How many times we are going around, day after day, month after month, with the feeling we are not going anywhere because we don’t actually know where to go? How many times we grope in the dark without finding any meaning which justify our journey?
And how many times then, suddenly, we find what finally makes sense for all the rest, the journey we had with all the stops, accidents, brakes, deviations we took and which brought us there, in that precise moment, to find what we were not even looking for?

“Heavy” thoughts, but this time they gentle lull me down, while I’m keep driving and getting lost, thinking about my past and about all the “coincidences” that brought me here.
There isn’t melancholy today, just the precious and cheering feeling that everything was worth it and that everything in my life happened for a reason: to enjoy again, now, one of those "moments" when it feels like everything makes sense and is in its right place.

I kept driving around all day, trough snowy forests and other wildlife I could not take pictures of, escaping from other places and situations which were not meant for me on that day.
I came back home at dusk, happy, professionally satisfied for the photo outcomes, and endlessly more serene as person.
And, surely, this is the most important!

Below you can find all the pictures of this fantastic experience.

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: Nikon 24-120 f4 + Tamron 150-600 f5.3-6

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