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Sorry My Ass

Some time ago I wrote about the path we can follow to reach happiness, inner peace, or, anyhow, a more serene life.
Actually, I was talking about working on ourselves, and how, if done well, it becomes enjoyable, and can bring the first small, great, satisfying results.
But it's a continuous job, without any rest, because it's about changing our ideas and beliefs, controlling our thoughts, trying to aim them to our target, trying to tune onto a “positive wavelength”.

A photo I saw last night on Facebook gave me the cue for this post.

It's a silly picture, nothing serious, it's just a cynical humor which maybe gives even a bitter smile.
Because it is a negative thought, it is a limitation that, unconsciously, we get and accept it as true.
And how many other negative and limiting messages have we accepted in our lives and changed them in strong beliefs?
Who says that the life we ​​want is out of stock? Who tells us that we cannot get what we want? Who forces us to not follow and achieve our dreams?
And exactly such thoughts and beliefs, often heard by others, sometimes by our own subconscious, end up limiting ourselves, making us unhappy and negative.

I want to delete them. I work on myself to avoid any negative influence in my life because I don’t need them if I want to have a happy life.
I do not read any negative news, as murders, violences and so on, and above all. I’m not watching videos about it. I do not care about other people's problems, and I let go all the negative people who do little or anything to change their lives.
I try to control my words, my speeches. I try to control my thoughts by expelling the limitative and negative ones, trying to substitute them with positive thoughts, seeing opportunities and possibilities no matter what.

And then continuous work begins to have its effects: my mood changed, little miracles began to happen.
A few months ago, when for one reason or another I was a little bit down, I began to write not about my problems, but about all the possible solutions, the millions of probabilities that could change the situation and solve my issues (which often, are just mental limitations).
I started to write short stories in which I was imagining myself happy, imagining I reached what I wanted, or I have passed that moment.
I was waking up numb in the morning, was going to the gym feeling tired and lazy, but I was trying, by listening to “happy-music”, to imagine myself the moment I would finally have woken up full of will and power to face the day and to live fully every second.

And do you know what? I have overcome my difficulties, imaginary or other unexpected solutions have come. Most of the things I've written have come true (re-reading them now gives me a deep thrill). I sleep less and I am full of energy, I go to work walking in the cold and in the wind with a big smile in the face.

And therefore this work pays out
And therefore you just need to focus on positivity, starting with those small little things.

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