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Last Saturday (19-11-2016) we had a trip to Landskrona Citadel, around 40 km north of Malmö.
The weather was not the best, cloudy and maybe little bit too windy to go by the coast, but we are always trying to get another possibility to go out with our daughter before the long, dark and cold Swedish winter will finally settle down.
After a short walk in the quiet park around the castle, with its channel to protect it, we came back by the sea to enjoy another spectacular sunset.
It was not that promising at the beginning, to be honest, but we learned from the past to always give to Mother Nature another chance to surprise us.
It was getting colder and colder, the wind was growing stronger and stronger, but we manage to find a good shelter behind a house.
I settled my tripod and my Nikon D3200; Patty fixed some warm coffee; Lara was sleeping peacefully in her stroller.
And so we could enjoy another amazing sunset: deep and fast clouds were lapsing between Sweden and Denmark, a surreal light under them put the horizon on fire.
Then the sun won the battle and, for a moment, we were warmed up by its last sunbeams, as a reward for all the cold we had to face.
Then it quickly went disappear faraway, while the wind stopped blowing.

Silence, standstill. And in an eternal instant everything became poetry…

Please have a look at the pictures below:

Camera: Nikon D3200
Lens: Tokina 11-16/f2.8

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