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The sky slides fast tonight.
A layer of clouds like sheep following the instinct of the flock.
The sky doesn’t stop even tonight, it doesn’t care about anything, it goes on its way. Fast, selfless, free, it runs toward the infinity.
Yet it gives something, everlasting colours and moments, light games, astonishing sunrises and sunsets.
To who is brave enough to stop and look…

Thinking tight in a endless moment.
The clouds lighted up in fiery red stand up from the reflection of the just dropped rain.
The evening kindles itself, exalts itself, raises itself in one of those moments he would remembered. Maybe fore the colours, maybe for the feeling of peace he was feeling inside. Or maybe because everything seemed, at least for a moment, just perfect.
And so he was looking at the sky with the dreaming eyes of whom wish maybe but nothing more wants. Feeling satisfied, sometime, helps to live better, finding joy even from the small things.
As that sunset: a nothing, just an infinitesimal fraction throughout his life, and yet one of those moments which will last forever and that will come back in the memories to violently struck the emotions and feelings.
Because he already decided to elevate that moment to the essence of a rediscovered happiness, that real joy one feel only few times in the entire lifetime.
That happiness that goes above everything, maybe even beyond life itself; for sure beyond all those material things in which we often try to find it.
A deep happiness despite all the problems at work, the money, and that heart still empty and sealed. A true happiness despite everything he went through, even who he loved without even truly knowing was already far away, hided beyond the moon…
But the past is the past, can’t be changed and maybe it’s better to let it go.
The future has yet to come…
What really matters is the joy of the joy of the moment, the sure certainty that nothing is lost. The joy to live in that moment, calm and serene, in peace and harmony with himself.
And with the beautiful sunset on the world around him.

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