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Surprise Your Life and Surprise Yourself

Last weekend I was in Warsaw, Poland.

I landed shortly after midnight at an unknown and empty airport. I took the first taxi which, shortly after, left me in a suburban, deserted, cold road.
I hesitated for five minutes, feeling stuck there, my briefcase in my hand, wondering what the hell I was doing in that place. Then the person who drew me on this trip came, and brought me to a birthday party where I met about fifty people I had never seen in my life.
I didn't feel out of place even a second; actually, I felt like, being there, away from home, in an unknown city and with strangers, was the most normal thing.
I don't know how to explain it, but I was proactive toward that situation and those people, I just wanted to enjoy the evening.
And so I started to get to know them, very interesting and pleasant people, and I could feel good and positive vibes in the air.
Many of them are artists, writers, photographers, sculptors, some for work and some just for hobby, but first of all I found them very positive, proactive to life, dreamers.
Like me, and here's why I felt so well in that party.
Coincidence? I don’t think so…

And, of course, I started to know better that person who made me follow my instinct to go to Poland.
We talked a lot, all night long, then we continued uninterrupted the next day.
Important, profound talks, we even forgot to go to sleep ...
Around 4 o'clock next morning, I also gave her an interview for her online-radio, despite tiredness, the wine we drunk, and the hoarse voice from the many cigarettes I had.
An interview that I listened to a few days ago without worrying about how my “maccheronic” English was ridiculous, how many grammatical or pronunciation mistakes I did.
I play it over and over again, surprising myself how the interview had pulled out the real me, how I easily overcame the initial embarrassment of being in front of a microphone, and started talking about my deeper dreams, my vision of life as it is and as it should be.
The talks with that person first, my interview then, are just the real me, the real words written inside me, those I had forgotten for a while, that I had decided not to hear.
Two hours of sleep, then the race at the airport and by noon I was already in Malmö.
Tired, but as awakened by a beautiful dream, an important experience I lived in just a few hours.
A short, intense adventure that makes me to look for new ones, which brings back the strength and the desire to astonish me again!
Just me, that until a few months ago were dying of routine ...

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