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Red Deer Belling time 2019 (2/2)

SKÅNNE COUNTY, SWEDEN // Here are the photos of the second day:
After what I saw the previous time I thought to wait the herd of deer lurking at the edge of the forest: according to my calculations the pack would come towards me, which would also have allowed me to have the perfect light, the sun rose behind me, for my shots.

Red Deer Belling time 2019 (1/2)

SKÅNE COUNTY, SWEDEN // Here are the photos of the first day. Usually deer are grouped outdoors during the night and return to the forest at the first lights of dawn. Lately, however, I’ve seen them stay out even during the day, so I tried to reach them before sunrise.

Close Encounters

SKÅNE COUNTY, SWEDEN // Standing still for a long time, hided in the deep of the forest lurking for the white tailed eagles, which in the meantime were circling just above the branches of the trees over me, I decided to go out “in the open” and sit on a closer observation tower for a while.

Loads of Deer… and Something More!

SKÅNE COUNTY, SWEDEN // Autumn on the doorstep has made the air electrifying, not only because the skies are more and more busy (the migration to the south has begun), but also because it seems that all the animals are busy trying to snatch the last precious moments of the summer.
So many things happen, every day, to be overloaded with memories, emotions and, in the end, hundreds of photos to work on.

Ungulates Traffic Jam

SKÅNE COUNTY, SWEDEN // The summer heat has given up and even if the temperatures sometimes reach 24-25 degrees, a cooler wind is already announcing the change of the season. The milder temperatures, now, not only bring relief to those like me who do not like the sultry heat, but, obviously, also to the ungulates: if, in fact, when temperatures reached and exceeded even 30 degrees it was much more difficult to sight them during the day because hidden in the shade of the forests, now they are back to being more active.

Towards the Sunset

SKÅNE COUNTY, SWEDEN // It is true, lately I have “specialised myself”, or at least I am putting more effort, into the birds of prey photography,perhaps because they are more difficult, both to sight and to photograph, or perhaps for that sense of infinity freedom that they manage to evoke with the their flights. The fact is that I’m devoting myself to that kind of photography with so much passion now… and quite good results.



Winter snow in South of Sweden is not common at all, even if one may think the opposite, especially in Malmö and along the coast. Secondly, having the snow and then a sunny day it’s something extremely extraordinary.

So, when I came back from Poland and I found a snowy Sweden, after I had a little taste of it just after the landing (then we went home to rest after we woke up at 3:30 am…) and after I checked the forecasts, I decided to entirely spend the day after for a photoshoot.