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The Fog and the Sea


Last Saturday (11 March 2017) has been the first real hint of spring, at least for us living here in South Sweden: bright sunshine, clear sky, almost no wind at all (something very rare here) they all made the temperatures around 9-10 degrees even more bearable and pleasant.
Probably the winter is not done with us yet, and cold, rain and maybe even snow will return to disenchant us; but the heat of a warm ray of sunshine while enjoying a coffee on the balcony at home, with the birds chirping in the background, it can change completely the mood for those who, like us, are used to endless months of grey and cold.

We quickly got ready to go out, and after long time we decided to go for a ride by the coast.
We planned to drive through Helsingborg - which was full of people on the street and in the parks, it seemed as everyone came out after the long winter hibernation — to continue toward Höganäs and reach the Kullaberg peninsula.

Almost arrived at destination, since Lara was still sleeping, we decided to wander a bit around while waiting for her to wake up. Following our instincts, we diverted to Arild, a village overlooking the bay of Skälderviken, where, unexpectedly, we found such a dense fog which totally changed not only the landscape, but also all our expectations of a walk into the spring sunshine.
It was quite a surprise for us, once again Mother Nature has managed to give something unique which made our day even more exciting.
After a couple of quick shots, while Lara woke up, we kept on toward our final destination.

Driving up from Mölle, a small village leaning against the promontory overlooking the Strait of Kattegat, and entering the nature reserve, the fog from the nearby Denmark was trying to rise and conquer the Swedish land.
The first offshoots of haziness wedged between the trees of the forest, while the sun and the blue sky were trying to resist without giving up. The fighting became so fascinating and poetic, a game of lights and shadows, where everything became different than expected, shifting and dancing while playing into the fog.

After some pictures and a short walk, we continued till the end of the road where there is a large parking lot, which we found full of cars and people: on the other hand, the nature reserve with its paths and its variety and rarity of species, is very well known and visited, and the lighthouse is one of its main attractions.
Built in the late nineteenth century (but there have been here previous lighthouses for more than a thousand years), Kullen lighthouse is located at 78.5 meters above the sea level and is the highest in Sweden, the most powerful in Scandinavia, and it's guarding highly trafficked waters.

Usually the view from the top of the hill is spectacular, and this time it has been made even more phenomenal by the layer of fog which was trying to reach the jagged coastline below.
The sea was calm and with the exception of the chatter and the laughter of the other tourists, we could enjoy the silence and a serene feeling of peace and harmony.
The sun was still hot, the wind was still mild, so we could enjoy every corner of this exciting landscape, looking for the most interesting views and spots for some pictures.
Then the moisture brought by the fog become too cold, too much for Lara, and we went back to the car, while in the neighbouring forest the sun and fog continued their everlasting game.

We drove back to Mölle to stop by the harbour to enjoy the approaching sunset and we could clearly see that the fog had finally made the conquest of the hill and the lighthouse.
We could have stayed longer, waiting to see the end of this interesting battle between the two opposite sides, the Swedish spring against the winterly Danish front.
But having still an hour drive from home, we decided to move forward to not strain Lara even more.

Once again we planned something and we had some expectations, and instead we have faced something unimaginable, special and charming.Happy and satisfied by this new and rewarding experience, we can only be completely thankful we could enjoyed it.
It is already an indelible memory.

Below you can find all the pictures of this fantastic experience.

Camera: Nikon D3200
Lens: Tokina 11-16/f2.8
Extra: Iphone5

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